Geography Quest: The Southern Atlantic States

All aboard the HSM Express! Join us as we take a quick tour of the United States. Expect to learn a little geography, history, social studies, and more. Definitely plan on having tons of fun. 


Summer_GeographyHere we are again, on a journey around the United States. This week, we will be taking a trip through the Southern Atlantic states: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. (It should be noted that DC is in this region, but we are choosing to focus on only the states. DC should be covered as an entirely separate lesson.)

As before, we are going to start off our adventure with some handy-dandy coloring pages for each state. This will give the littles something to work on while we learn about each state’s topography. You can find coloring pages HERE:

Florida Coloring Page

Click on the image above to be taken to the original link.

Now that we have learned a little about what each state looks like, let’s take a few minutes to discover a tad more. (Please note: This is meant to be short, sweet, and as fun as possible; not long and arduous. Choose which areas to cover with care, noting which events can be accompanied by activities.)

The Fountain of Youth
Cape Canaveral

Vidalia Onions
Peaches & Peanuts

South Carolina
Riverbanks Zoological Park

North Carolina
The Lost Colony

The First Thanksgiving
“Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” Speech, Patrick Henry

West Virginia
John Brown

“The Star Spangled Banner”
Chincoteague Ponies
Morse & The Telegraph
US Naval Academy
Babe Ruth

Betsy Ross
John Milton

Well, I find this highly appropriate (and totally the Lord’s planning, not my own)! This week happens to be the week of the 4th of July, which coincides with several of our states. It would behoove us to spend some time learning about both “The Star Spangled Banner” and Ms. Betsy Ross (who may or may not have actually been the originator of the American Flag). As an added bonus, I think we will do a dramatic retelling of Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech as well; the kids might enjoy that.

We happen to be extremely lucky, we live near a Virginia Dare winery. (Or, what used be the winery, but is now just the original building converted into offices.) As we drive by this building often, it was a perfect way to address the Lost Colony and who Ms. Dare really was.

For fun, let’s dig out our gloves and go play some baseball. There’s nothing like hitting the field and running some bases, in honor of Mr. Babe Ruth.

To cool ourselves off, let’s have a little Gatorade and discuss where this clever drink originates from. (This was a lesson for me as well; definitely a bonus.) If you don’t care for Gatorade’s myriad of flavors, I suppose you could always have Coke. Just make sure to pass off a little info about where this comes from as well!

While discussing the ramifications of discovering a “Fountain of Youth”, a snack will definitely be in order (especially after all that baseball). It’s time for some Southern sweet tea and peach pie, with some vanilla ice cream on top! Yummy!

I think this will end our ‘tour’ for this week. Make sure to stamp your passport books with each state’s seal!

Time to Chime In: The southern states have always held great fascination for me. If I could live anywhere else, I think I’d move to Georgia. How about you? If you could live in any of the 50 United States, which would you prefer?

Help us Out: For added fun, we are trying to collect a postcard from each of the fifty states! If you, or someone you know, lives in one of these five states; would you consider mailing us a quick postcard? Email us for the address and, as an added bonus, we’ll mail one back to you!


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