Geography Quest: The Middle Atlantic States

All aboard the HSM Express! Join us as we take a quick tour of the United States. Expect to learn a little geography, history, social studies, and more. Definitely plan on having tons of fun. 


Summer_GeographyHere we are again, on a journey around the United States. This week, we will be taking a trip through the Middle Atlantic states: Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. (Wow; talk about an easy-going week!)

As before, we are going to start off our adventure with some handy-dandy coloring pages for each state. This will give the littles something to work on while we learn about each state’s topography. You can find coloring pages HERE:

Pennsylvania Coloring Page

Click on the picture above to be taken to the original image.

Now that we have learned a little about what each state looks like, let’s take a few minutes to discover a tad more. (Please note: This is meant to be short, sweet, and as fun as possible; not long and arduous. Choose which areas to cover with care, noting which events can be accompanied by activities.)

Continental Congress
Declaration of Independence
Betsy Ross
Crossing of the Delaware
Hershey Company

New York
The First Capitol
Manhattan Island
Alexander Hamilton, The New York Post
Munchkin Parade

New Jersey
The American Revolution
Three Sisters (Crop Growing)

Just looking at these states, the first thought which comes to mind is The Revolutionary War. We could camp out in this area of history for weeks alone, but, for today, we’ll just do a brief review of the war itself and discuss it’s ramifications. For fun, discuss the legend of Betsy Ross and the American Flag. (When I was young, we were taught this was fact. It seems this is merely a legend. There is no evidence to prove Ms. Ross actually made the flag.)

Moving along, let’s make our own newspaper in honor of Alexander Hamilton! You can either use paper and ink, printing block methods (with stamps, perhaps), or even a handy computer. For fun, attempt to print an edition would have been release during the time of the Revolutionary War.

Interesting… We were told “The Wizard of Oz” was written in Southern California. However, it seems New York also makes this a claim to fame. Each year, they host a ‘Munchkin Parade’. Have your own parade and dress up in colorful costumes from the book.

It’s a bit hot outside. This would be the perfect time to learn a little more about submarines and do some experimentation with underwater breathing. Learn about the first submarines, who invented them and how they were used.

There’s nothing like a good board game. (Family fun time!) Dig out your Monopoly board and learn about New Jersey! If you don’t own Monopoly, play chess!

Time for a snack! Hershey’s chocolate is never a bad idea. Try one of their numerous chocolate bars.

Don’t forget to stamp your passport book with these three states. One more week to go and we are already done! Where has the time gone?

Time to Chime In: Dark chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Semi-Sweet, or White; which is your favorite?

Help us Out: For added fun, we are trying to collect a postcard from each of the fifty states! If you, or someone you know, lives in one of these five states; would you consider mailing us a quick postcard? Email us for the address and, as an added bonus, we’ll mail one back to you!

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