The Mad Scientist: What a Croc!

It is I, the mad scientist! Join me and my minions as we study some of God’s amazing creatures; learning tons of fun facts along the way.


Mad_ScientistWe are in mourning. (sigh) Close friends of ours recently moved to Florida and we are missing them terribly! In their honor, we thought we would end our summer science lessons by learning a little more about creatures which invade their neighborhood: crocodiles!

Because I believe in consistency, let us begin once again with life cycles. Exactly how do these amazing creatures start their lives and grow into such magnificent animals?


Click on the image above to be taken to the original website.

Now for the fun part… what do these things look like on the inside?

internal anatomy of crocodile


Have you ever wondered what the difference between an alligator and a crocodile is? Discover the answer to that age-old question and more, at DocStoc! Download the handy-dandy Alligators vs. Crocodiles booklet and have some fun! There are so many activities, both printable and online, for you to explore.

Usually, we like to end our science lessons with a coordinating snack. However, we’ve tried crocodile and… let’s just say they were not meant for meat. (laughing) At least, not the one we tried. I suppose we could always have some jambalaya, in honor of The Princess and the Frog’s crocodile, Louis! Some andouille sure does sound good.

Time to Chime In: Crocodile tail: To have or have not? (As a meal.) Thoughts…

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