Art Attack: Magnificent Machines

In a world of busy-ness and responsibility, it’s just as important to take a few moments exploring the creative side of life. Join us as we share ideas on how to get those imaginative juices flowing and explore a world of art!


Summer_ArtDo you remember when your children were little? You would buy them a wonderful present, they would open it with anticipation, and then proceed to forget the toy and play with the box? Yeah; I remember those days too!

This week’s art project will finally make use of all the packaging, boxes, bins, and toilet paper rolls you’ve been storing away.

Using materials you find around the house, give your children the task of creating a ‘Magnificent Machine’! There are no rules and no limits; simply build with the boxes, rolls, and paper on hand. This should be fun.

A few years back, our kiddos did this to create cars out of larger boxes. We added tires, a steering wheel, and more! When our project was finished, we created a “drive-in” movie theatre in our living room and watched a flick; complete with popcorn, soda, and candy. Our AWANA group did this at large, proving everyone had fun with this activity.

Magnificent Machines

Do not think your project has to end with cars though! Expand your horizons. Create “time machines”, robots, space ships, shuttles, and more. There is no end to the possibilities.

Don’t forget to paint your magnificent machine and add details like knobs, dials, and gauges (if appropriate). Above all, use your imagination and have fun!

Time to Chime In: If you don’t use them for art, what do you use all those left over boxes for?

5 thoughts on “Art Attack: Magnificent Machines

  1. I let the kids just play with them. They make trains, and beds, and cars with blankets and pillows. My parents were here recently and my Mum made some magnificent box creations with them. I think one was a dollhouse that turned into a play cot. She was even encouraging them, when they wanted to take more empty boxes home from the supermarket! Lucky grandkids!


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