Art Attack: All Dolled Up

In a world of busy-ness and responsibility, it’s just as important to take a few moments exploring the creative side of life. Join us as we share ideas on how to get those imaginative juices flowing and explore a world of art!


Summer_ArtMy kids really like dolls. So, when this interesting project came to our attention, we were all over it!

What is the project? Making your own stuffed doll! The concept is simple, but how easy is it really? Honestly… it was a bit of a challenge.

Here is what you’ll need:

batting (or other stuffing for your doll)
embroidery thread

The concept is fairly straight-forward. You cut the following pattern out of your fabric of choice, add details of the dolls face with embroidery thread, sew and stuff your doll. Easy, right? Um; well… Let’s just say the littles found this to be slightly harder than they would have liked. It wasn’t that they couldn’t do the project, but that it didn’t turn out half as nice as they would have liked.

Doll Pattern

A doll can’t go unclothed, at least not in our house. Clothes needed to follow. However, we found this to be even more of a challenge. I think we had grand ideas of what to create without having a firm grasp of basic principles.

I wish we could say the project finally got finished and it turned out wonderfully. However, we copped out. In other words, we quit! We definitely need to back up and work on something a little more simple. When we have the basics down, we’ll come back and tackle this project like pros. Until then… back to the cutting floor.

Time to Chime In: Have you ever tried a project that proved too much for you?


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