Chanterelle Finds a Family

“Once in a cool, wooded forest lived a puppy. She was smart and very curious. She was also proud and stubborn. She did not need help from anybody.”

Book-Review_logoAnd so begins the story of Chanterelle; a smart, yet curious dog. Living alone in the woods, Chanterelle spends her day with friends, Porcupine and the Beaver family. She enjoys her romps through the woods, but each night returns home, alone. Saddened and curious, Chanterelle wonders what it would be like to have her own family. One day, while exploring the woods and looking her for friend, Chanterelle hears the sound of people talking. What follows is a charming story of discovering family.

When Nicole Brierre was assigned to write a childrens book while studying to become an elementary school teacher, she realized that she did not need to look any further for inspiration than her familys trusty canine companion. The project became a true family affair when Brierres brother and his girlfriend joined on as the illustrators of the book Chanterelle Finds a FamilyChanterelle Finds a Family

Brierre recounts the story of how the beloved pet came to join her family, while playfully imagining the puppys life before she was adopted. The dog at the heart of the story is an independent, stubborn puppy who believes she does not need help from any human or animal.

 This was a cute story with quaint illustrations. It would be perfect for animal lovers and younger children. Chanterelle Finds a Family (published by New Generation, RRP $12.99) is currently available and can be ordered online at and from all good bookstores.

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