Tag; You’re It!

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I am one organized gal. Just name an object and I can tell you exactly where it is in my home, down to which side of the drawer it’s on and what you’ll find next to it. Being organized helps keep me sane and is a huge time saver. Imagine my delight when I found a fun, cute way to re-organize my collection loose leaf tea!

I like tea. To be more honest, I should probably state I am obsessed with tea. I own many different varieties and am attempting to collect a decent selection of loose leaf teas. I found myself looking for a creative way to display/store my growing assortment.  I could not see myself sorting through an entire cupboard of little baggies with sticky notes on them. (shudder)

New Tea Labels

My hubby happened to be in the kitchen watching me work out this dilemma and humbly suggested I try canning jars. It seems he uses them to store his pipe tobacco and knew these would be just what I needed for the job. He was absolutely correct!

Now that I knew what to store them in, exactly how was I going to tell them apart? Sure I could write on the jars with a Sharpie, but that somehow lacked in appeal. I wanted something clever and appealing to the eye. Again, my man thoughtfully suggested a tag punch. (Secretly, I think he has been wanting me to get one for quite a while so he can steal it for his own personal projects. But, I don’t mind; more for me, too!)

I am very happy to announce and share that our project was a complete success! I found the prettiest cut-glass mason jars, beige baker’s twine, thin chipboard, and a new tag punch. When put together, the end result is perfect. It has achieved the desired affect, made my tea cupboard (yes, I have a cupboard) more organized, and is too cute for words.

Now that this project is complete, what do I plan to do with my new tool? You would be amazed at how versatile a tag punch can be!

  • Gift Tags
  • Christmas Presents
  • Scrapbooking
  • Labeling
  • Card Making

Punch FunDon’t forget to think outside the box! When using your tag punch, punch one tag. Turn this tag 180º and punch it again, creating a decorative word bubble or trendy label for your project! Keep in mind, you can tag punch a variety of different materials. I have seen people tag punch paper doilies; very stylish!


Recently, I discovered tag topper punches. Oh, my! These are designed to make the tops of your tags unique and more pretty. (Like I need something else to buy, right?) They sure are tempting. Instead of punching an entire tag, these punches make use of already cut pieces of paper, punching only the tops of your scraps to create the tags themselves.

Purchasing this tag punch was a wonderful addition to our crafting table. It was very reasonable in price, especially when using a coupon in tandem with Michael’s already great price, and is constantly in use. Now, about those topper punches…

Time to Chime In: Do you own a tag punch? Share with us your favorite ways to use your punch and perhaps a picture of a recent project!


8 thoughts on “Tag; You’re It!

  1. What a great idea! I use my punch to make place cards for potlucks to let the crowd know what they are eating. I’ll have to check out our craft store. Thanks for the idea.


  2. I’ve used mason jars for my teas for years. I also have a tea cabinet, that holds all the pretty jars on display, both loose and bags. I do not have a tab punch however, I’ve really embraced chalkboard labels and they go great with my decorating style. But I think I’m going to get one anyway – just in case! 😉


  3. I don’t have a tag punch, but was already planning a trip to Michael’s today, so it’s very possible I will own one by this evening. Thanks for all the crafty ideas!


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