Walking Partners

Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I AM the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”

John 8:12

Mini-RetreatThis past weekend, our church hosted a women’s mini-retreat. Instead of going away for the weekend, we ‘camped out’ at church for teachings on Friday evening and all day Saturday. This year’s theme: Walking Partners!

While attending the retreat, the Lord showed me so much. The love of Christ was evident everywhere, even amongst the various minor complications which arose. It was a remarkable few days in which much was learned.

The theme of this year’s retreat was ‘Walking Partners’; encouraging us women to find other ladies who will keep us accountable and edify us. During the weekend one main message struck my heart. The Lord was clearly pointing me in a similar direction… we need to be our children’s walking partners!

So often we view ministry as ‘outside responsibility’, something done for our church groups, our neighbors down the road, and people in foreign lands who need to hear the gospel. Are we putting as much into our own children as we are into others? Are we so busy trying to encourage others that we fail to do so with those closest to us, our children?


The Lord was showing me that our children need to come first, before we step out our door to help others. If we are relying on the church to train up our kids, we are failing to do our job. If we are relying on an occasional Bible study to teach our children the Word of God, we are in the wrong.

I would encourage all of us, including myself, to take this thought seriously. Before looking to help others, look to your family. Find ways to ‘walk’ with your children and minister to them. Discover who your children are and make a point of reaching their hearts. Learn your children’s ways and make a point of studying them. Love on your kiddos as much as possible, even those who pretend they are getting too big for hugs.

Our children need someone to hold their hand and disciple their hearts. Our children need us to help them, direct them, train them, and love on them. There is not a moment to lose and never a bad time to speak to our children about the love of Christ.

We need to be our children’s ‘walking partner’ through life. If we don’t hold their hand, the world certainly will.


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