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Please click on the image above to be taken directly to the Shop Great Products website.

To be honest, I’m not really the type to wear printed t-shirts. I like my clothes simple and without someone else’s logo all over them. However, every once in a while I could see how this might be fun.

Recently, another mom blogged about her homeschooling day and her kids had the cutest shirts on. I asked her where she got them and she kindly shared the website with me. After taking a look at the site, I couldn’t help but share it with the rest of  you!

Shop Great Products is a wonderful resource for the homeschool parent looking for clever shirts to sport while out on field trips or just out having fun. If you are in the market for a few new shirt, especially those which shout homeschooling spirit, then this is the website for you. There are tons upon tons of various styles, colors, and design logos to choose from.

I have my eye on a few I know my kids would enjoy wearing. Now, to find something I might like…

Time to Chime In: Do you buy specially made homeschool shirts? Share you website with us!


14 thoughts on “School Spirit

  1. Aside from the occasional support group or state conference t-shirt, etc. we haven’t pursued homeschool-oriented t-shirts. However, we have had some good laughs over t-shirt designs that poke fun at education themes in general. One shirt had an algebra problem summed up by “Find X” with a handwritten scrawl “It’s over here!” and a circle drawn around the x marking the length of the hypotenuse.


  2. Hi! There was a time when I would have bought shirts like these, if the group we were in had been selling them, and a few other “if’s”, but these days, I think maybe not. However, I did enjoy them. One I especially liked had name of famous past home schoolers listed on the back and folks were supposed to ask you what they all had in common. It is a surprising list. Another type just said “Edison and me” or “Lincoln and me” or several other names such as Clara Barton and Florence Nightingale, etc., and on the back only said “home scholars”. I liked the simplicity of those. Not sure anyone makes them any more, but a friend owns a t-shirt shop and will put just about anything on a shirt that you’d want. You’ve got me to thinking. 🙂


  3. No. I don’t have any homeschooling shirts. I might get one if I really liked it. The last time I bought shirts for homeschool was when we were in a co-op. I have 5 kids so even at $5 a piece, it can get a little pricey when the budget is tight. Besides, some of my kids are at the age where they wouldn’t think it was cool. 🙂


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