It Dices, It Slices…

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Okay, so it doesn’t actually dice. It does peel, core, and slice though! If I had to pick one favorite tool from my kitchen, it would have to be the Apple Peeler from Pampered Chef.

It never fails, whenever we have little people over for a visit, they get hungry. When they get hungry we have a myriad of snacks ready for them to eat. One of the staples in our house is apples. Any color, any flavor; apples are good no matter the weather. For little mouths, having apples cut into smaller bites is always a plus. If I can make those little bites fun, that’s a bonus. Using our handy-dandy apple peeler, I can do both!

Pampered Chef has created an apple peeler like no other (and I have tested out quite a few). Their nifty device peels, cores, and cuts apples into a thin spiral. By slicing the apple in half, once peeled, the littles now have perfectly cut slices of apple which are easy to eat. For fun, we generally leave the apple in one long curly-cue of a slice; apple slinky anyone?

While eating spiraled apple is fun, mommy uses the apple peeler for more practical uses. Making apple pies, apple sauce, apple butter, and apple tarts is incredible fast and easy! Within minutes I can prepare an entire quart of apples.

Apple Peeler

Please click the picture above to be taken directly to the Pampered Chef website.

The peeler can be used for more than apples, however. Potatoes are another great way to use your peeler! This tool is incredibly diverse and useful. By simply adjusting a few of the blades, you are easily able to perfect the depth of your slice; decide whether or not to peel your produce; and leaving the core is always an option.

Whenever we pull out the apple peeler, we are met with ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’. Many people have asked where to get one and ask for ideas on how to use it. It never fails to amaze!

During the upcoming apple season, I imagine this tool will be getting even more use than normal. I can’t wait to start baking fresh apple pie and explore a few new recipes.

Time to Chime In: Do you have a favorite type of apple? Share it with us!


11 thoughts on “It Dices, It Slices…

  1. Are apple pie recipes forthcoming? Maybe for those of us who are less culinarily-inclined (yep, just made that word up). It’s only September and I’m already stressing about my in-laws coming for Thanksgiving and my lack of cooking ability. Eeek!


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