Just Five More Minutes?

Book LightsI suppose our kids are pretty much like everyone else’s. They could play all day long and still want five more minutes before they have to go to bed. Mommy, on the other hand, likes the house quiet at the end of the day in order to help her relax. Our compromise? Reading in bed with book lights!

My kids love to read. Each week we come home with stacks upon stacks of books from our local library. There is never enough time in our day to read, no matter how much time we have. Our kids are known for carrying a book wherever they go; the park, field trips, and more. At the end of each day, we use reading to help us relax and settling in for the night.

With a good book and a strong light, each of the kiddos finishes their nightly routine and climbs in bed. For half an hour each evening they have the opportunity to spend just a few more minutes reading that new book they just checked out, helping their bodies to unwind and their minds to settle for a good night’s rest.

Where did we get our book lights? At the local Dollar Tree! For just a buck, you can get a fairly strong book light and a pack of replacement batteries. Each book light lasts up to several weeks, provided our kids don’t do something crazy with it. When the light goes dim, we simply open it up and put in new batteries. Just to be safe, Mommy always keeps a bag of book lights on hand. You never know when someone is going to accidentally step on their sister’s light or use their light as a saber. It helps to be prepared.

Book lights also come in handy for long car rides later in the day. While waiting to arrive back home, our kiddos use these convenient lights to keep themselves occupied during evening trips.

Now, the kiddos get that extra few minutes and Mommy gets her quiet time. What a great investment for a nominal fee!

Time to Chime In: What is bedtime like in your house? Do you have a routine or bedtime tradition unique to your family? We’d love to hear your story!


9 thoughts on “Just Five More Minutes?

  1. I like the idea of book lights. I arranged my youngest son’s room so the head of his bed was by the wall switch that controls a small lamp which allows him to read books after I read to him. I also look forward to that quiet reading time before bed. I love the sounds of silence about as much as I love the sound of laughter!


  2. Our kids are still little, so we read to them each night. But my oldest, 3 years old, has a small lamp by his bed, and he’s allowed to “read” in bed for as long as he wants. But he must stay in bed, and stay quiet.


  3. My older daughter likes to look at her books before nap and bedtime. I usually get up and turn off the light after a little while. But I love the idea of book lights for when my girls are older. It will be nice, if one child wants to read and the other wants to go to sleep, to not have the main light on in the room.


  4. Books are the best!!!! We love books too and thank God for the library. As a family we all snuggle on the couch and watch Pioneer Woman and Duck Dynasty. Then Kids spend time in their room playing with toys or playing games on leap pad. After some time they get to read books. We use to read books before bed time as a family. But now I read books to them in the afternoons. Kids sure do like routine and they do so much better when they know what the plan is. My kids expect bed time routine to stay the same. It makes them feel safe.


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