Cindy Lou and Sammy Too Go To The Mall

“My name is Sammy and today my friend Cindy and I are going to the mall. I’m her guide dog and my job is very important. Cindy is legally blind and it’s my job to keep her safe…”

– Cindy Lou and  Sammy Too

Book-Review_logoMy kids are animal lovers. Often while we are out and about, we will see cute, furry friends and my children will want to shower them with affection. It’s taken a little time for them to realize some dogs have a job to do and we need to let them do it.

Cindy Lou and Sammy Too Go To The Mall is a charming story written by Cheryl McNeil Fisher to help young children understand that some dogs have a very important job to do. Sammy, an adorable golden retriever helps children better understand what his job is and how we are to act when he is nearby.

This story is lovingly told, filled with gentle advice on how to act around and towards guide dogs. For those unfamiliar with guide dogs, this will open the mind to the importance these dogs have in the lives of those visually impaired.


Cindy Lou and Sammy Too Go to the Mall: The Adventure of a Guide Dog Team is a wonderful special education tool for teachers and students, enjoyable for children of all ages to read and to learn about the blind community and courageous guide dogs. Above all else, this delightfully illustrated tale is a story about loyalty and friendship. As readers see the world through Sammy’s eyes, they can feel the devotion and love he has for his owner. Educational and heartwarming in equal measure, Cindy and Sammy are certainly a winning team.

This story is a very easy read, one even young children can work through quickly. The kids and I enjoyed reading this story very much and learned several new facts about these special animals.

We highly recommend this story as an addition to your library. You will enjoy getting to know Sammy and hearing his tale. These dogs are truly remarkable!

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