Aw; Just Skip It!

Field-TripsGood news! A fellow homeschool parent just rang up with an awesome field trip opportunity. You are so excited you can’t wait to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. The problem? Well, you didn’t really plan this into your year. Do you skip the regularly scheduled program, reduce it, or double up another day? Decisions, decisions…

I like field trips, don’t you? They are fun, exciting, and get us out of the house. The one downside to last-minute field trips is that they tend to throw my routine off-balance. What do I do with the material I had already planned for that day? Put it off or just skip it altogether? Well, it depends.

Honestly, if I can avoid it, I try to not have my kids ‘double up’ on work just to enjoy a field trip. This isn’t fun for them and doesn’t seem necessary. However, on occasion, there are subjects which I really want to cover and activities the kids would enjoy; these I try to simply move to another day.

Field trips, in-and-of themselves, are generally educational. You aren’t really ‘skipping school’, merely replacing a day of book learning (or at home learning) with being out in the field. It’s all in how you choose to view the situation. Field trips can be incredibly great learning experiences and there is much to be gained by them. Enjoy them and get the most out of your day!

For those looking to organize field trips, but are struggling to put one together. HERE are some tips on getting the most out of your field trips!

Time to Chime In: What do you do when an unscheduled field trip opportunity pops up; skip, double up, or reduce?


8 thoughts on “Aw; Just Skip It!

  1. When my wife and I discover special opportunities (not already planned or anticipated such as those with our “scouting” groups), we first decide if it’s a unique (once in a lifetime, once every “blue moon”) opportunity versus a trip to a museum that’s “always there/always available” then we will look at distance and travel time — we have taken some portable class work on the road, and there have been times when it just wasn’t worth the added “hassle”. So if it’s a really special opportunity close to home, just skip school (and maybe make it up later, but don’t sweat it). If it’s far, try to take some reading assignments, etc. (no frog dissections in the back seat of the car, etc.) and if it’s just a great group of friends going someplace we can visit on another day/week by ourselves, skip the trip altogether if we’re behind schedule. (sorry to ramble)


  2. I haven’t really had this problem yet. My daughter is just almost 4. We did have family visiting from out-of-state last month, and we ended up at the zoo. I made a little booklet for my daughter and my niece, and had the girls work on it while we were there. They had to count animals and circle the correct number in the book, keep an eye out of different animals, and draw a picture of their favorite thing at the zoo. I will probably try to continue creating mini-books or worksheets for field trips.


  3. Thank you for stopping by and “liking” my post!!
    I only plan 4 days out of the week for us. That way I can plan way in advance and keep at least one day per week open for doctor visits, park days and anything else that pops up. IF the unexpected trip is on a Monday (and will be an all day affair) then we start our school week on Tuesday. Then again…math can always be done using flashcards/drills during the car ride and reading can be done before bed 🙂 Everything else could just be doubled up on or put off for another day 🙂


    • That sounds like a well thought out plan. Our Fridays tend to be our slow day; we only do arithmetic and a spelling test. If we need to renegotiate, this helps us with added time. It sounds like we are on a similar wavelength here. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping in and participating in the conversation!


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