Crafting Clay

Craft-Table_LogoWelcome to the Homeschool Mom’s Craft Table. Enjoy a quick foray into the world of art; join us as we delve into projects, offer helpful tips, explore new tools, and encourage all things creative. Come along and share a world of fun!


Scheduling art with our kids can sometimes be a challenge, can’t it? We tend to like the idea of doing art with our kiddos, but never get around to finding the right activity, or lack inspiration and creativity. In our house, I’ve found that sometimes art works best when I merely provide the medium and allow our kids to pick their own project!

Art is a given in our house. Being married to a professional artist who works in many mediums, our children are constantly surrounded by color and design. Art is a part of their lives. As often as possible, we encourage our children to delve into the creative arts and explore.

In our homeschooling closet, we have a mass assortment of materials and mediums for our children to work with. Instead of waiting on me to come up with a project, our kids are welcome to explore on their own time. We’ve got paints, chalk, charcoals, stamps, and more.

Crayola Air Dry Clay

A recent addition to our closet has been Crayola’s Air Dry Clay. Unlike other clay we’ve purchased in the past, this clay is extremely easy to use, is easy to re-moisturize should it start to dry, and dries nicely within 24 hours. You can paint it quite easily as well.

It should be noted, this clay does seem to have a hard time bonding to itself. (Although, from experience, most clay does.) When our children attempt to model cute characters for themselves, they find the figure needs to be in one solid piece; additional pieces tend to simply fall off once dried. We are getting better though and learning new ways to use this medium.

If you’re interested in working with clay, I highly recommend grabbing a tub and trying your hand. Here are a few links to help you get started on form and technique:


Crayola – YouTube

Don’t wait for a ‘good opportunity’ to try out new art projects, just go for it! You’ll have tons of fun and learn some new skills along the way.

Time to Chime In: Have you ever worked with clay? Which brand is your favorite?


10 thoughts on “Crafting Clay

  1. We also love art in our home and I keep a hutch fully stocked at all times. We have used this clay in the past but haven’t in a long time. Thanks for the reminder! I remember it being easy to use for all ages. I also love, especially for the older children, getting the really good clay from places like Dick Blick art supplies. Great for sculpting.


  2. We used to do art every Thursday. My second grader has been asking me to do art class again. I thought with the twice a month art class from a real art teacher would be enough. I guess not! We haven’t worked much with clay, but like Magic Model.


  3. Oops I hadn’t finished my post lol. We used the air dry clay with silicone moulds to nake embellishments for our psper-crafting projects. We- my daughter and I- love the air dry clay. It was lots of fun to create with 🙂


  4. We do a lot of art too. My mom was an artist then art teacher so it just seemed natural to continue with my kids. We are cheapskates so make all our own modeling doughs and clays. I buy big bags of flour, salt, etc at Costco and we make massive amounts at once. Our standard recipe for playdough makes eleven pounds. 🙂 We mostly use salt dough for things we want to harden but we’ve tried all sorts of things… Including toilet paper and water dough.


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