May the Force Be With You

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Who doesn’t like Star Wars? I know my kids can’t get enough of the movie, not to mention the tons of paraphernalia which can be purchased. This week’s foray into the kitchen is all things Star Wars!

Our family doesn’t ‘do’ Halloween. It’s not that we have anything against other people celebrating the holiday, it just never works out for us. Our kids get too scared of other people’s costumes, so we decided to start our own tradition. Every Halloween we have “Family Fun Night” (Translation: Star Wars Day)!

A few years back I found the most awesome cookie cutters from Williams-Sonoma. Two different sets of Star Wars embossing cookie cutters. I found them for a steal online from their clearance section and can’t believe my good luck in getting the set. We use these cookie cutters as often as possible. Family Fun Night wouldn’t be the same without them.

Star Wars Cookie Cutters

About a year ago, I was wandering our local Williams-Sonoma store and stumbled upon Star Wars pancake molds; again on clearance! I snatched them up and bought those as well.

Family Fun Night actually starts at breakfast time. We begin our day with Star Wars pancakes, along with whatever sides our kids are in the mood for. We enjoy a relaxing day lazing about the house, usually reading the myriad of Star Wars books we have on hand. Late afternoon is when the real fun starts. Mommy makes a batch of her favorite Ethel’s Sugar Cookies and we have tons of fun with our Star Wars cookie cutters.

While the cookies are baking we carve our pumpkin (yes, we wait until the last-minute – it’s tradition) and then settle in for the long haul. We watch all three of the original Star Wars films – the best of the bunch, frankly – and eat our stash of cookies, junk food, and pizza.

Word has it there is one additional set of Star Wars cookie cutters which I don’t have. What!! Well, you know me… It looks like this mommy just found another thing to research and obsess over. Because, my OCD won’t let me rest until I do. (laughing)

Time to Chime In: Do you have a favorite set of cookie cutters? Share your favorite cookie recipe with us!


10 thoughts on “May the Force Be With You

  1. I only discovered Star Wars really because of my son. And I am happy I did. Nowadays: if anything really keeps them entertained it’s Star Wars or Minecraft (… Well… No, there are other things too…)…


  2. How fun! I got the Star Wars set with Darth, Yoda etc. shown in your picture. I had no idea there were more. I haven’t used them yet, as we rarely make sugar cookies. I think I’ll have to use your recipe and give it a go. I know my kids would love it!


  3. Williams Sonoma puts some awesome stuff in their clearance bins. We go to our local store in Myrtle Beach SC every Saturday to use their cooking class for part of our homeschool.


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