Use What You Have

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Do you struggle in coming up with incredible craft projects for your kids? I know I do. My mind tends toward lofty projects made with clever crafting kits; elaborate creations ‘worthy’ of our time. Often I overlook the simple fun sitting right in front of me.

Our son is taking a craft course through our PSP co-op. One of the first projects they created was incredibly simple, yet he found so much enjoyment in it. The boys took toilet paper rolls and made toy cars out of them! Using water bottle caps, Gatorade caps, goggly eyes, stickers, and markers, the boys turned these cardboard tubes into the cutest little racers.

Toilet Roll Tubes

Clicking on the image above will redirect you to ‘Do Small Things With Love’, an incredible website with tons of fun ideas!

Now, why couldn’t I have thought of that? I’m sure there are plenty of activities just sitting right in front of me, waiting to be explored, but I don’t see them! I need to learn to see the possibilities using the resources I already have on hand.

Instead of planning intricate projects and investing in even more materials than we already own, I am challenging myself to look for new ways to use what we already have. It’s time to think outside the box or, rather, to start using the box itself in an entirely new way!

Time To Chime In: What craft can you create with a toiler paper roll?


13 thoughts on “Use What You Have

  1. If you stand the t.p. tube up, you can make all sorts of animals, using the roll for the body and adding paper feet at the bottom and paper ears at the top. If you add heart wings to the back you have a butterfly. We have made the butterfly for Valentine’s Day. I also like making caterpillars out of egg shell cartons.


  2. Toilet Paper Rolls!!!!! You can use paper towel rolls too. When I was a preschool teacher we always had this stuff sitting out in the art area. I can’t begin to tell you how many different things kids made and the stories they would share while they working on their project. Kids made space ships, painted them, glued rolls on paper, stuck things like cotton, paper strips in the roll itself. I remember the kids having these wild creations and parents not understanding why we let them do this. Not all parents of course. Most parents appreciated what their kids little hands made. But for a few of the parents they wanted a craft created that made sense to them as an adult. Sometimes kids art doesn’t make sense to an adult. But what really matters is that it does to the artist. And so I say all of this because I like your post and I think we do overlook what we can use in art. As a Momma now I just can’t seem to throw away the toilet paper rolls. We don’t use them for art all the time and so they pile up. Thanks for the reminder and I think I will put them out this week. For a toilet paper roll craft – I saw in a magazine, I think it was Family Life Fall addition???? Where they made little villages. Windows, doors, and roofs were glued onto the toilet paper rolls. Very Cute!!!! I just might do. And in this magazine they challenged or are challenging readers to come up with something crafty with wooden clothespins. Wow oh Wow!!!! What could one do with clothespins and toilet paper rolls!!!! Thanks for posting and as one can probably tell, I’m kind of passionate about this topic. O.K. one more thing and than I will stop. Because this is turning into a post. Last night I went on a art walk. While I was in this very art studio I discovered an artist who makes things with puzzle pieces. Like bracelets, and pictures of fish. Can’t remember the artists name but I remember the color she or he used to paint the pieces so pretty. I JUST THREW OUT PUZZLE PIECES THAT WERE LOST AND MIXED UP. Why do I share this? Because we have do have things everywhere around our house that we call junk or trash. Its not…. Its a treasure for arts and crafts. Now I got to get and do some art!!!!! Take care and this is my longest comment ever.


  3. I really should do more crafts. I rarely do them. 😦
    When I was little we made a ‘Santa’s snow castle’ with toilet paper rolls. We wrapped each roll in different patterns of Christmas paper, glued or taped them together to make a little ‘house’ and stuffed cotton balls in the ends for snow. I suppose you could color them brown or use brown paper and make them little log cabins….


  4. when your imagination and the creativity that comes from the Holy Spirit, you don’t even need to worry about being “boxed” in!! If you have any old cd’s or dvd’s that are junk, there are things you can do with the “shiny” side and if you want, you can use blank labels (Amazon has inexpensive ones) to cover up the label side. Then you have a “mirror” image side and a plain side for many projects! God bless as you “discard the box” and let your imagination run wild!!


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