Two Shall Be One

The following is an excerpt from our ‘Homeschooling 101’ series, written to help encourage families who are new to the world of home education. We pray this post blesses you and reminds each of us that homeschooling is a family endeavor, not something ‘mommy does with the kids’. 


Two Shall Be OneGenerally speaking, most of us mommies do the teaching in our homes. We pick the curriculum, we pick the method by which we teach, we decide which activities we will be involved in, and we do all the instructing.

Do you see a problem with this scenario? Where is father in all of this? Shouldn’t he have a say in the education of his children?

The second piece of advice I try to give new homeschooling families: Include pop in your homeschooling. While dad might need to work all day, not being available to do actual instructing, there are many ways in which he can still be an active part of your children’s education:

  • He can pray for his family.
  • He can offer advice on which curriculum should be chosen.
  • He can discuss what the children learned at the end of each day.
  • He can be a sounding board for ideas.
  • If available, he can teach classes.

When we first began homeschooling, my husband was a great sounding board for ideas. Everything that came to my attention we discussed together. How did he think we should homeschool; do we use a classical method, an unschooling approach, or should we be eclectic? What should be the focus of our learning? He was instrumental in helping us to narrow down the goals of our family’s learning.


At the beginning of each year, I make a point of discussing everything with my husband. We talk about any new changes, new directions, new goals, and new ideas we’d like to try out. During these discussions, he makes a point of letting me know how he’d like to be involved in our children’s learning. This year, he is participating in PE and teaching logic on weekends.

Sometimes we talk about things as they come up, others at the end of the night. The most fun way to have our conversations? A date night! Make a special coffee date and together plan out the coming year for your family.

Knowing my husband is behind what we do 100%, gives me great peace of mind. I am not in this alone, I am not doing this on my own strength. We are in this together for the long haul, raising and training our children.

If you don’t already, consider making your husband an active part of your homeschooling. No matter how “small” the contribution, it will be well worth the effort.

Time To Chime In: How do you encourage your husband to participate in the homeschooling of your children?

“AND THE TWO SHALL BECOME ONE FLESH; so they are no longer two, but one flesh.” – Mark 10:8


14 thoughts on “Two Shall Be One

  1. I try to include John a lot. We discuss school at dinner every evening so he stays in the loop. We also talk about any school problems so he can weigh in. Often, I schedule field trips to museums and historical locations on weekends so he can go with us. (He loves that stuff as much as I do.) 🙂 If we have a super-interesting lesson for the day, we’ll rearrange our school schedule and plan the lesson to happen during his lunch or after he’s finished with work. We’ll do the same if there’s something he’s wanting to teach…usually computer related. He’s also my “consultant” for lesson plan ideas. 😀

    I think I do a pretty good job of encouraging him to be involved…and leaving room for his involvement. (I can be kind of a control freak, so that takes effort on my part.) 😉 Where I fail, however, is in including Grace’s mom. I mean, I share progress reports and all of our pictures and things with her online…and I’m sure to let her know what’s coming up. It’s hard, though, to really involve someone outside of the house. Honestly, she doesn’t seem terribly interested anyway, so I should probably stop fretting about it.

    Okay, that’s probably way more info than you wanted, but my brain got on a kick. 😉


  2. One year my husband taught art on the weekends. This year he is doing all of the science labs with the kids. He also has a better ear for music and works with the crew once or twice a week with piano practice. He is also been spending some of his evenings teaching himself to play piano just so he can better help them with their practice! He amazes me. He also keeps me grounded and focused. I can very easily be distracted by curriculum and try to do too much.


    • It’s amazing isn’t it, how we differ in our approaches. For some reason, we women seem to be more focused on the curriculum and guys tend to stress much less about those matters.

      The Lord created marriage to work perfectly. We balance each other out, giving our family the best of both!


  3. I’ve noticed the same thing. Especially when we were homeschooling a teenage boy (my half brother), I found my husband’s direct involvement critical.

    We’re trying something new the last few weeks that seems to help a lot. Even though I discussed everything with him during the decision making process (in excruciating and enthusiastic detail!), he never felt like he understood the practical steps of actually carrying out the schooling. So I now have detailed instructions typed out so he can teach any subject. ( It’s been really helpful!


  4. Several of my relatives homeschool and their children excel because the dad AND mom have an active part in not only teaching, but also being a strong moral example to the kids. I have one niece and nephew (in-law) that incorporates Sunday School in their teaching as they go over with their two you kids what was studied and make it a part of their weekly lessons. I believe they are following your blog as well as a couple of others I have been a part of.
    I really like what you stated also in one of the comments above, “The Lord created marriage to work perfectly. We balance each other out, giving our family the best of both!” My wife and I have not only taught that very thing to our two boys (both adults with family now) but also some of our extended family, our nieces and nephews.
    The Lord meant for our relationship with our spouses to become one for a strong foundation in the family. The enemy is on the rampage against families today more than ever.
    Anyway, Sis, I follow a lot of blogs for inspiration, insight and confirmation and the Lord has been not only faithful in that but gracious as well. So don’t be surprised if a little bit of time goes by before you see a “like” or a comment, but I usually take a couple of days a week away from writing to “make the rounds” and as I do, I pray for each ministry blog (yes your blog is a service to others and to the Lord) that they may continue in the leading of the Holy Spirit and for each of you for inspiration, insight as well as edification, the very things I get from each writing I pray for the writers and their families. So Sis, today the Lord led me here and I am so encouraged to see the love of the Lord expressed towards not only family, but community!! God bless! Time to read some more!!! 😉


  5. This is timely as we are re-evaluating the program we are using at this time for our second child and last night I was so pleased to see my husband get really excited about some potential changes. He is VERY supportive and involved as much as possible. Since History is not my strong suit, he picks up this class which he LOVES. He makes it exciting for our kids and they both have developed a strong love and interest in the subject. Last night he also began teaching our son C++, which again is not a subject I am confident in. His expertise backstops me where I falter and he also provides input and support in my strong areas as needed. It is great to have him on our TEAM!


  6. My husband is involved as much as he wants to be..LOL! I research curriculum, and he tells me which he likes and pays for it. He joins us for as many field trips as he can, talks to the kids about their day at the dinner table and has a genuine interest in what they are learning. On the weekends he tries to show them things around the house and explores their interests with them, which give me a bit of a “break.”
    Of course, he prays with and for our family and does the normally “daddy” things, but his job is very demanding and many times he is away.


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