The Playground Playbook

“No longer will kids see playing with others as such a mystery. No longer will their questions remain unanswered. I hope that after implementing some of my suggestions a greater confidence will be achieved so your child can succeed and become a valuable member of the play group.”

– Todd J. Rosenthal, The Playground Playbook

Book-Review_logoMy son is a very sociable person. He enjoys playing games and wants to hang out with the fellas as much as possible. As he is just getting to an age where group games is coming into play, this is the perfect opportunity for me to read up on the art of game playing.

The Playground Playbookby Todd Rosenthal, is written for parents just like me. Mr. Rosenthal gives us a complete guide to joining games and making friends. His book is filled with insights which cover everything from getting into a game to game behavior.

“There is an unwritten set of rules and social guidelines that go along with playing sports and games. All players will benefit from the basics. Not just certain ones. Everyone.”

After working for twenty years with children throughout the Tri-State Area in sports training, Todd Rosenthal noticed that the same mistakes and misunderstandings were taking place during group play. Two years ago, the former USA Today NY State High School Athlete of the Year and Two Sport Daily News All Star felt it was time to finally write a simple and fast guide to the basics.

The Playground Playbook

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The Playground Playbook, Rosenthal’s new book for children and the adults that work with them, suggests many tips on how to effectively join new groups, get along equally with teammates and opponents and properly conduct oneself in a healthy social environment.

Mr. Rosenthal’s approach to the art of game playing is to the point and helpful. I imagine new parents and/or new gamers finding great insight through this resource. The clever ‘blackboard’ tips are sure to help you decipher game playing and gain awareness of team playing . Constructive coach tips will mentor you through tough situations.

This book was a pleasure to read. Personally, I think this book would be great for children themselves. The Playground Playbook is perfect for those new to game playing or those looking to better understand the art of the play.


About the author: Todd Rosenthal majored in Sociology at the University of Connecticut, where he graduated as the baseball program’s all-time hit leader. Since ending a four-year professional minor league career in the mid-1990’s, he has been instructing both kids in accelerated athletic programs and beginners in need of a fundamental foundation. Todd is a licensed AAU basketball coach and has over a decade’s worth of experience guiding athletes with special needs. Rosenthal currently lives in New York City, where he can frequently be found playing street ball with friends of all ages.


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