Burnt Beans

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I’d love to tell you that every recipe I make turns out wonderfully; that my kitchen is a domestic haven of yumminess. Unfortunately, I seem to have as many failures as I do successes. Just this past week, I burned green beans. How does one burn green beans?!

We were having family over for a late lunch, celebrating a birthday. I had a variety of pots and pans going at the same time and thought I would save myself time and space. I would coat my green beans in olive oil, toss them on a cookie sheet, and cook them in the oven instead of on the stove. Needless to say, it was a complete failure. Looking back, there were several things I did wrong.

The first was using this particular opportunity to test out a new method of cooking; that is always a bad idea. Test when you have the time to finagle and can afford to toss the results. I should have gone with the tried and true.

The second mistake was a juvenile one; I forgot to turn on the timer. Um; yeah… not too smart, huh? I put the pan in the oven and set about doing a bunch of other things, totally forgetting that I would need to pull out the beans in a few minutes. So, they burned.


Well, lesson learned right? Now that I know what not to do, exactly what should I have done? Well, I could have done a couple of things. I could have cooked them in a little chicken stock along with sliced carrots. If I still wanted to do them in the oven, I could have wrapped small bunches in bacon and broiled them. Either way, I definitely should have put on the timer! (laughing) Just using the timer would have been huge.

This particular cooking session was a compete disaster, but I did learn a few good lessons. You live and you learn, right?

Time to Chime In: Share with us your favorite recipe for green beans!

14 thoughts on “Burnt Beans

  1. I’m staying away from all things green. I made brussel sprouts for the first time tonight and now I’m thinking it wasn’t such a great idea. All I have to say is that I must have done something wrong. I will share the name of a really great book I am reading about family tradition and ritual building. It’s called, “Little Things Long Remembered: Making Your Children Feel Special Every Day,” by author Susan Newman, Ph.D. http://www.susannewmanphd.com/.

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  2. Thanks very much for the ‘likes’ – I really appreciate it. We’re new to blogging and to home ed. I enjoy your blogs too. Just tried to comment on an older post of yours about writing reports, but had some tech problem (my end), so I’ll say it here: We’ve recently moved abroad (temporarily) and have decided to home school. Our eldest has never really enjoyed maths, but it’s great seeing him ‘get things’ and link concepts together. It’s that ‘mastery philosophy’ you mentioned in your earlier blog. Great stuff, Cristina. Thanks!

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