Am I Fun?

I spend a great deal of time with my kids. We do all our learning together, we eat together, we clean together, we run errands together, and, on occasion, even sleep in the same room. Essentially, I spend almost twenty-four hours a day with my littles. Because we are together so often, I can mistake being together with having fun together. On occasion it might be beneficial to stop and reflect. Am I a fun mom?

There are times in life when it is important to be serious. Laughing at a funeral would be impolite, rude, and insensitive. However, there are also moments when you ought to be lighthearted and able to have fun. It’s important to find balance in all things.

Raising kids and being a homeschooling parent is no cake walk. Sometimes I can become overwhelmed by responsibilities and needs. The moment a ‘break’ becomes available, my desire can often lean towards just wanting a moment to breathe… alone. While everyday won’t be a breeze, I do need to make a point of finding ways to be fun and silly; enjoying the sound of my children’s laughter and initiating a little joy into their lives.

Kids & I

Honestly, being at home and being ‘fun’ mom is hard for me. Everywhere I look, I see something which needs to be done: laundry, house keeping, dishes, cooking, yard work, home improvement, writing. You name it, I see it. Getting out of the house usually works best for me; this is where park days, Disneyland days, visits with friends, and more come into play.

However, being out of the house every day just isn’t an option. This requires me to then be more creative in our home environment and make a conscious choice to overlook those things which keep catching my over-critical eye.  So we do chores, but we race to get them done (then have ice cream as a treat). We sing along with those playing the piano and have fun being silly. We take moments to stop and play card games, eat cookies, dance to fun songs, and plan upcoming events.

I am learning to look for ways to incorporate fun into their lives and be a source of fun, instead of standing by merely watching. It’s not enough for my children to grow up commending my parenting for its cleanliness and well planned organization (although that would be nice); I want my children to remember their youth fondly and be filled with awesome memories they can’t wait to recreate with their own family. While I won’t be a perfect parent (who is), I would like to think they will look back and smile, remembering how much fun was stuffed into those all too short years we called childhood.

Time to Chime In: Do you make ‘fun time’ purposeful or wait for those moments to arise naturally?


23 thoughts on “Am I Fun?

  1. I am working on this too. It does not come naturally for me to just be ‘fun’. Like you there is always a list of things to do that never seems finished. Yesterday was cold and rainy. Both kids were a little cranky so we made popcorn, sat on the floor read books and colored.


  2. I feel the very same way! I want my kids to look back and remember the awesome childhood that i gave them. My only fear is that maybe it’s not as awesome as I am trying to make it :/ ehhh, I think they don’t realize how good they have it sometimes though lol. I have been trying to be more of a “yes” parent and letting them do certain things that normally I might say no to. As long is it is not hurting anyone or causing me too much extra stress or work, why not?! Anyway, I think the fact that we are trying so hard to do these things for our children probably means that we are “fun moms” 🙂 Good read!

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  3. I think for most of us is a work in progress… If your like me I’m striving to be a better mom everyday, and trying to teach myself to be a kid again.. Yes my house can be cleaner, but it’s not disgusting and dirty.. Yes there will always be something to do around the house, but kids are kids for only a short few years.. So I have to remind myself to say “yes” to my kids instead of “no” when it comes to folding clothes or playing.. Just as an example. It’s good for your kids to see you have fun and laugh.. They LOVE it!

    Ok so to answer your question lol, humor/fun is coming back naturally.. It’s a process I just taught myself not to be serious all the time.

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  4. I feel the same way! I feel like I’m such a drag because there’s always *work* to be done or I’m always reminding someone to help do this or pick that up. I don’t like to force “fun,” but I do put on music and make the kids dance around, or sneak up on them with a tickle, something like that.

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  5. I feel I have to make an effort to be “fun” too – as an example, I can’t “play” Lego with the kids because I always end up sorting it out instead of building something! And there are always so many distractions and things to do, I’m trying to stay more focussed on the kids.


  6. I don’t think that I am naturally a “fun” or playful parent. Maybe some of it is just our personality- I was a pretty serious kid too. And then there is all the work, the endless chores… it does seem like it’s hard to be both responsible and fun. But I agree that it’s important to think about this side of ourselves, to make sure we laugh with our kids, let them know that we enjoy spending time with them. For me, it’s been something I’ve had to consciously work at, rather than just doing what comes naturally 🙂 Great post!

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  7. I find that I have to be very intentional when it comes time to planning fun. It won’t happen unless I put some thought and preparation in it. I get excited when i have something to look forward to and the kids do better too. But I am also learning the importance of not getting too busy, that I overlook or don’t see those moments that sneak up to tickle my toes and make me laugh. I have to schedule margin time in my everyday for just whatever fun may come to play. So in short….. Leave blank spots on the calendar. I love your post. I see myself weaved in between your words. Me Too!

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  8. This is something I’ve been working on. Like another commenter said, I was a pretty serious child, so it doesn’t come naturally for me. I’ve started writing it into my daily planner and trying to take a day off school here and there to just play. And then actually play with them instead of using the time to clean lol.

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  9. Oh, this is such a fear of mine! The Littles and I laugh together a lot but I always wonder if they’ll better remember the laughter or the time I spent reprimanding them for not getting their book reports done. Like you, it is hard for me to find time to catch my breath, let alone remember to actually have fun with my kids. It’s nice to know I’m not alone. Thanks for reminding me to make more effort.

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  10. This was a great read.

    Balancing myriad tasks and chores with having fun with the kids…you hit it on the nail. Such a hard balancing act. It is so helpful to know that others know and feel the struggle.

    I rotate different activities…painting, reading aloud amd being read to, going outside to the park or in the backyard, sing Bible songs or kid songs, foster and facilitate literacy learning activities, etc., do chores together, etc. Also inquiring what they want to do or follow a spontaneous lead. It means at times the house is not as sparkling as I would like, but that sparkle in their eyes, or the look of exhaustion that comes from too much laughing and running around, is worth it.

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  11. Thanks so much for the post. You summed up nicely how I feel and this is something that I struggle with and think about often too. Working on letting go of that ‘critical eye’ as you say and letting the laugher in more often 🙂


  12. I can relate to the idea of working at fun. My nature swings to the more serious side, for sure. One of the funnest things I have ever done is make my kids sing their arguments. After watching Annie Get Your Gun, especially the silly song where they sing “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better,” the kids got a clear idea of how silly most arguments are and how even adults can get drawn into them.
    So we made a new family rule that we could argue all we wanted if we sang the arguments. This has led to such ridiculousness and really lightened some tense moments. Something about singing your point just really highlighted how foolish and trivial our point was, and then we dissolve into giggles.
    The kids, ages 9 yo, 10 yo, 13 yo and 15 yo, rarely ever argue now.

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  13. Because of my bent towards a more serious and sometimes worrisome nature, I have to make fun purposeful. I’m finding it is not as easy now that my children are teens. They are no longer into crafts, board games, and afternoon walks to the park. Now the goal is laughter. Normally my son is the one who will find a funny YouTube clip and share it right in the midst of our toughest subject. Or he’ll crack a joke. Sometimes he reminds us of past funny experiences. I’ll quickly join in and fun hits our day.

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