You Can’t Catch Me…

In the KitchenWelcome to our kitchen. Here we’ll share our favorite recipes, lament over food failures, test out new gadgets, and discover tips to making kitchen life easier. Join us on this new adventure and share your life experience with the rest of us!


‘Tis the season to do some baking! There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked cookies, pies, and cakes. Of all the desserts we’ve made over the years (and there’s been quite a few), the one we haven’t tackled is gingerbread. No more! This year we are going to master this skill. Forget the store bought kits, it’s time to get creative and get our little selves into the kitchen.

To be honest, we’ve already tried the store-bought gingerbread kits this year. For our final week of co-op, one of our moms suggested making gingerbread houses. Unfortunately, they were a total flop. The frosting included in the kits was exceptionally dry and wouldn’t allow for the gingerbread to adhere. It was fun, but totally unproductive.

Never one to give up, I’ve decided we are going to try this completely on our own. I Googled tips on how to make our own gingerbread men and houses. What I found was THIS incredible link and a world of inspiration!

Surprisingly, the mold was very reasonable and was delivered in about four days. (I was quite worried about this point, as sometimes orders can take up to two weeks for delivery. Thankfully the shipper was on top of things and we have plenty of time to make tons of gingerbread, if we so desire.)

What am I loving about this technique so far? The inclusion of chocolate! This has got to be one of the simplest recipes for a gingerbread house I’ve seen yet and so easy to put together.

One thing I plan to change, is to use candy canes to mold the windows instead of fondant. By warming miniature candy canes in the oven for only a few minutes, I can easily ‘bend’ the canes to fit the windows. I find this to be much simpler and more cost effective.

No more boxed gingerbread for us!

Time to Chime In: Do you make your own gingerbread? Send us a link to your Instagram page showing your work of art!


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