The Angel of God

Whats_in_a_NameWhat’s in a name? A name is more than just something by which we are called; in a sense, it is our reputation. Did you know there are a multitude of names for God? 

Each name unique and powerful; the list is endless. Join us on this exciting adventure through Scripture, where we will learn some amazing verses, talk about how those verses should affect our lives, and discuss some practical ways to make these names “real”.


“And the angel of God, which went before the camp of Israel, removed and went behind them; and the pillar of the cloud went from before their face, and stood behind them”
– Exodus 14:19

Angels are fascinating, aren’t they? As humans we speculate on them regularly. What do they look like? Do they have wings and halos? Can angels take human form? Are there guardian angels? The Bible mentions many angels, but the most important is the Angel of God.

In Hebrew the Angel of the God is mal’ak yehwah. He is the messenger of God; He is supernatural and identified with God. Generally speaking the Angel of God and the Lord are synonymous terms; they are one and the same. The Angel of God brings both good and bad messages to God’s people; He warns them of dangers (wrath to come) and blesses others for their faithfulness to God. The Angel commands God’s armies, directs God’s servants, and reconciles people to God. It’s interesting to note there is no mention of the Angel in the New Testament; He has become flesh as Jesus Christ.

While Christmas might be officially ‘over’; let us remember yet another name for our Savior. Christ is the Angel of God; the One who came to do God’s work. Through Him many awesome works were done and God’s message went out.

If you live in an area where there’s snow, go outside and make snow ‘angels’! No snow? Make angels using paper plates. HERE is an excellent craft for the littles which is tons of fun.

Time to Chime In: What is your favorite Christmas memory?

5 thoughts on “The Angel of God

  1. My favorite memory is lying under the tree once it’s first installed, before any presents are placed under it, while it is still perfumy of the evergreen state it was in before cutting, looking up at lights reflecting off bent icicles (they were actually metallic back then, irritating strips of very thin foil that broke, bent, wadded, and had to be saved for each new year) and getting lost in wonderment.
    However, the Angel of the Lord is mentioned in Luke 2: “The angel of the Lord came upon them and the glory of the Lord shown round about them and they were sore afraid.” As I would have been!
    My husband and I were just discussing this angel last night! I’d asked him did it not say “the angel of the Lord”? And he’d looked it up and told me it did, whereupon I said I thought that was always a pre-incarnation appearance of Jesus. We were just about that. I’ve decided the baby was already making the rounds, still in angel form OR transforming when necessary OR not yet embodied, like maybe waiting for a certain moment such as circumcision or the salt rub or something.
    Not saying I know. Just saying we only discovered this last night and how uncanny that you’d post about it this morning!
    And wonder what you think. 🙂

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    • Interesting and a very good point; thank you pointing this out, I was wrong. He is indeed mentioned in the New Testament.

      Hmmm… It does make for interesting speculation. I’ll have to ask my man about this one and get back to you… Okay; so this is what the man said. Even though the angel of God usually refers to Christ pre-incarnate, this is not always the case. Sometimes an angel of God is merely that; an angel. In this circumstance it would be the latter circumstance.

      Thanks for the thought and for getting us thinking! 🙂


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