To Show Ourselves Approved, Revisited

As we head into this new year, I want to review this concept in our home. It is always a good idea to memorize Scripture and keep the Word before our eyes constantly. 


Read with MeBoth in our homeschooling and our daily living, our children have been highly encouraged to study and memorize Scripture. It is not enough for them to rely on our knowledge and memory, they need to be reading for themselves.

There are several reason we believe our children should be memorizing scripture. We must study to grow in faith, joy, righteousness, discernment, and wisdom; to have prosperity in our relationships, to defend the gospel, and to have a true knowledge of Christ.

There are several ways that we can help our children to commit scripture to memory:

  • Make sure that you are mentally alert. No fuzzy heads!
  • Start off with just the first phrase and work your way to the end of the verse. No sense in tackling the whole thing in one go; start off easy!
  • Put the verse to music!
  • Use hand motions, if you can.
  • Repeat often! Don’t say the verse a few times and then leave off for the day; give a pop quiz every time you pass each other in the hall or every time you get a drink from the fridge.
  • Make it a game! See who can memorize it first or how long they can keep it committed to memory.
  • Join an Awana group. Our children were a part of this ministry for several years. In one year alone, my oldest daughter memorized 450 verses! She still knows most of them to this day!

No matter how we choose to teach our children Bible memorization, I need to make sure this area of study is not skipped over; the benefits are enormous and unending. We are seeing the advantages of this daily and love to see our children become excited over their achievements.

Time to Chime In: Is Bible memorization a part of your homeschooling day? What helps your children memorize long passages of Scripture?


5 thoughts on “To Show Ourselves Approved, Revisited

  1. What a wonderful approach you have to family, you are a true blessing to your family and those who read here. Scripture memorization is a powerful asset for life, which many miss out on, but training up our children in God’s Word is His normal expectation of His children, to not do so as His child is spiritual abuse.

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