End of the Year Countdown

Fail-to-planEnd of the year? Wait… didn’t we just start a new year? Well, yes; technically. However, the ‘year’ I am referring to is our homeschooling year. Our family is halfway through our learning year and ready to tackle part two. Just what is there left to accomplish?

I hate leaving things till the last-minute. I always end up feeling rushed and ill prepared; which, consequently, makes me irritated and that never ends prettily. Instead, I prefer to get a head start on things and get a good idea of where we are headed. This year is no different. With high school looming on the horizon, it’s time this mommy jumped into high gear – wait, when am I not in high gear; hmmm… – and got busy.

While we still have the day-to-day learning which we plan to get accomplished and tons of awesome field trips already on the calendar, the countdown has begun on other goals. This semester, I really want to focus on preparing us for high school and educating ourselves on what we need for college. Four years is going to come and go quickly, there is no time to lose.

We already have a solid outline scheduled in terms of high school courses for them to take. What we need to look into now are college courses during the high school years. Thankfully, we have close friends who have already walked this path and can guide us. Some have taken courses at local colleges, some have used College Plus, and some are using college satellite programs. All seem to be viable options. But which one will best fit our needs?

I also want to take a solid look at College Prep Genius. I’m sure every parent has dreams of their kids receiving free rides through college. Who wouldn’t want to save themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars? (sigh) If getting a better score on SAT’s might help them towards this goal, then it looks like we need to be doing a little research.

It might also be time to start looking into which colleges she’d like to shoot for, narrowing down her choices and making contact with councilors. Each college is going to have different requirements, I’d rather not wait until my kids are halfway through their high school years before we figure out they should have taken other classes.

In addition to all these thoughts swimming around in my brain, there are a few books I’d like to get started on. Some help with high school goals and others with grants/scholarships. It looks like I’ll doing quite a bit of reading with my highlighter in hand. If you know of any books I should be reading, please feel free to suggestion them. I want all the help I can get! As we read, we’ll keep you posted on our progress and share our thoughts.

Our local library (basically our second home) has already cornered my oldest girl, ‘T’, to work with them come summer time. It looks like she might just be a regular fixture in the children’s department for some time to come and she is incredibly excited. Hopefully this will be a good development for her future as well. Besides community service, it will help her develop other skills necessary in adult life. This should be fun!

Like I said, the countdown has begun and my head is full of questions. Hopefully, over the course of the next few months, it will also be filled with answers. We look forward to this exciting new adventure and sharing it with all of you!

Time to Chime In: Has your family worked with either College Prep or College Plus? Please share your thoughts with us: pros, cons, and whether it was worth the investment.

6 thoughts on “End of the Year Countdown

  1. I did not work with either of those programs but I did attend College classes while in highschool at my local university through an Early Scholar program. I had 32 credit hours when I graduated highschool. For me it was an amazing experience which put me far ahead of my peers and prepared me for college.

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  2. Ooooh! College Plus? Wow- I didn’t even THINK of that. I knew of it’s existence for after high school as an alternative for going away to college but I didn’t think of looking into it for online classes in high school! I shall do that now! Thanks!

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  3. My oldest did two years at our local community college through a program in our high school. That meant that she was technically a public school student, but she never set foot on the high school campus.

    It enabled her to get about 40 credits that she transferred to a four year Christian college. (I made her a HS transcript for her first two years, then using the grades she got at the community college–it was easily accepted.)

    You are smart to explore your options now. Good luck to you in finding what works for your family!

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