The Game’s Afoot

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Our kids have been raised in a world completely foreign to most children their own age. Instead of mainstream television, our kids watch noir, classics, and musicals. Our favorite genre of film for lazy Sunday afternoons? An old, black-and-white mystery.

One of my girlfriends is incredibly crafty. She sews up a storm, is constantly repainting and building things for her house, and has tons of fun ideas to create with her kids. If I want to work on a project with someone, she is just the gal to call. On our last visit, her girls couldn’t wait to show off their mom’s newest project: detective outfits, complete with handy-dandy kits for finger printing and solving crimes!

I’m sure you know where this is going. The minute my girls saw the kits, they wanted one of their own. While we are just in the beginning stages of putting ours together, I couldn’t wait to share this awesome idea with all of you!

Detective & Hound Costume

Taken from the Martha Stewart® website. Please click on the picture above to be taken to the original link.

HERE is the pattern for a clever Detective & Hound Costume; so adorable! The pattern is fairly simple. Depending on the material you purchase, a lining is unnecessary; feel free to forgo and save yourself an added step. I highly recommend using double-folded bias tape; it really makes sewing that much easier.

Now, what to put in our detective kits:

magnifying glass
Invisible ink pen
pen light
small pad of paper
finger printing kit (powder, brush, ink pads, and print papers)
ID badge

In no time, we’re going to finish up this newest project and put them to work! For fun, my friend is going to come up with a ‘crime game’ our kids can play together, putting these awesome kits to use and giving the kids hours of fun. I’m so glad she came up with this idea and the kids can’t wait to start the adventure!

Time to Chime In: Imagine you’re a spy… What essential item would you carry on your person and never leave home without?


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