Element-ary, My Dear

” A lesson about every single element on the periodic table.”

– Periodic Videos Team, TED Ed

Resource-Review_logoFor the past several weeks we have been doing a little research. (Okay; okay… when are we not doing a little research; right?) What was the object of our scrutiny this time? Science!

Planning for high school, we are going to be covering several main areas of study during those four short years: Biology, Astronomy, Chemistry, and Physics. While all promise to bring hours of fun and exploration, we have recently come across a few incredible resources for Chemistry and couldn’t wait to pass them on.

Periodic Videos If you have yet to discover this awesome resource from Ted Ed, you definitely want to click on the above link. Each periodic element has helpful videos to explain what the element is, does, and how it is used. Be ready for hours of learning!

Cartoon Elements When I first saw these, I knew our kids were going to love them and they did. The young lady who created these gets a big thumbs up in my book! HERE you can get a pre-printed deck of cards of the entire table. Of course, nothing’s stopping you from printing them yourself either; it is free!

Personally, I think science is tons of fun. I can’t wait to continue our adventure with these new courses and see how much we learn about the world God created.

Time to Chime In: This young teacher is a bit frustrated with how science is currently being taught. Hear what he has to say and share your thoughts with us. Do you agree with him?


8 thoughts on “Element-ary, My Dear

  1. We are really enjoying Elements of Faith. We are using it in our morning time, basically covering one element per week, so we will be reading it for this year and next. I also picked up a copy of Uncle Tungsten at our Bargain Books (used book store) which looks really good. I think the pressure of covering a branch of scientific study in one year is part of what takes the joy out of it. Science is everyday. 🙂

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  2. I love your ideas, but your links are not working, Could you check them please, I would love to let my kiddo explore more as this is what she is interested in right now. Thanks!

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