What New Thing Did You Learn Today?

Originally posted in February of 2013, I find it pertinent to remind myself from time to time of why we are doing what we are doing. This particular post keeps popping into my head lately, reminding me to not lose focus. Sometimes I forget these little nuggets I want to implement, but often put to the side. It’s time to renew this concept and start asking…


The Kiddos and Tia NeneDuring a recent visit, my sister-in-law asked the kiddos an important question; one that sparked something in the forefront of my brain… “What new thing did you learn today?” She explained, if I remember correctly, that she knew of a family in which this question was asked daily. When the father joined them for dinner each evening, they were asked to share one new thing they had learned during the day. Not only did this encourage open conversation, but inspired the children to actively find something about which to communicate. If the children hadn’t learned anything of note in their formal studies, they energetically set about searching for one! This question is one I truly appreciate and believe, from this point forward, will continue to be implemented in our daily living. To encourage our children, I believe we adults should also participate! Learning something new everyday should not be relegated to only the young; we too ought to continually be seeking to expand our minds and add those precious “wrinkles” on our brains. Whether it is menial or monumental, adding knowledge and wisdom to our lives is never a waste. Time to Chime In: What new thing did you learn today?


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