A Banana a Day

“The anagram game that drives you bananas!”

Resource-Review_logoNormally, I don’t like games. If I had to narrow down a reason for this lack, I would be hard pressed to come up with a solid answer. Generally speaking, I believe most games are just a little too slow for me. Each person must wait their turn before playing, which results in most players sitting around mindlessly waiting for their play. So, when a new game was introduced, you could say I wasn’t overly excited.

May I just say… this game is wonderful! Not only did I like this game, I haven’t stopped playing it since we got it.  Bananagrams is a fun-filled game where the action never seems to stop!

Played similarly to Scrabble, players must makes words with the lettered tiles given. The difference between Bananagram and Scrabble? All players play at the same time! Yup; no waiting. Each player is given a certain amount of tiles from which they must create their own ‘Scrabble-like’ connection of words. Need another tile, shout, “Peel!” Used all your tiles and ready to win the game? Shout, “Bananagram!”

What I appreciate the most about this game is it’s diversity. Beside the standard Bananagram game, players may also play Banana Smoothie, Banana Cafe, and Banana Solitaire. It’s fast paced, fun, and helps add those wanted wrinkles on the brain.


As an educator, I find Bananagrams very helpful. I highly recommend playing this game on a regular basis. Playing with the kids will increase their vocabulary, by watching you play they learn new words. Playing regularly will help them increase their speed and mental recall. Learning to negotiate the tiles will increase their critical thinking.

For the littles, we use this game to simply help them create words, without the necessity of connecting the words together. They are given a certain amount of tiles, just as we are. They, however, are simply asked to create words and play the remainder of the game accordingly. The only difference is their words are not connected.

So far, this game has proven tons of fun. So fun, in fact, that I haven’t even bothered to put the game away! It simply sits on top of our learning pile, ready to be played at all times.

Time to Chime In: Name your favorite word game and why you like it so much!

6 thoughts on “A Banana a Day

  1. Sounds like our favorite game Qwirkle except with letter. Very similar except instead of making words you are using colors and shapes. We will need to check out bananagrams.

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  2. We were given Scooped as a gift. It is a kids version of scrabble. There are tiles in a pot – and everyone scoops to find letters to make a word on their card. It’s fast paced and silly. My 5 year old loves it. And we read all the words on the card so it’s great practice.

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