The World is Our Classroom

The TableI think most homeschoolers dream of having a place to call their own. You know… a dedicated ‘homeschooling’ space where the bulk of our learning gets done. While not all of us have a dedicated room to do our schooling in, we are fortunate to call the world our classroom; learning takes place anywhere and everywhere!

Like most families, I’d love to have a homeschooling room. A special place set aside just for our learning materials, instead of having them nudged into a closet. A place where colorful charts, verses, and artwork could be proudly displayed on the walls. A place where, if learning isn’t finished, we can simply leave our projects to rest until later.

It’s a lovely dream, but, for now, we work with what we’ve got. The world is our classroom and here is where you’ll usually find us:

The Kitchen Table – We don’t have a dedicated homeschooling room, but we do have a dedicated homeschooling place! If you happen to stop by on a moments notice, you’ll find us at our kitchen table plugging away at our lessons. It’s a good size and convenient for having snacks.

The Office – My husband has a ton of books, supplies, and inspiration all packed into his little office space. Sometimes you’ll find us crowding his space to do a little learning.

The Backyard – The great outdoors, filled with greenery and fresh air. If we can, we try to get outside on occasion.

The Park – Sometimes the backyard doesn’t do it. We need some leg room to run around, swing from trees, and rough-house with our friends. What better place than the park? Plus, they have basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, and more!

The Library – If we can’t be at home, this is where we prefer to be. Our favorite place on earth. Books, games, research materials, and more!

The In-laws – Who else is going to teach us how to garden, cook, crochet, cross-stitch, craft, sew, and more? Being at my in-laws is always a treat.

On Field Trips – Museums, galleries, music centers, and more; field trips are wonderful and we take them as often as possible. Field Trips

No, we don’t have a dedicated classroom, which I would truly love, but we do have the world at our fingertips. Now, if I could keep the kitchen table clean!

Time to Chime In: What is the most unusual place you’ve ever done ‘school’?


25 thoughts on “The World is Our Classroom

  1. Learning is a continuous process, not limited strictly to the classroom… you are so right about mentioning the places for learning and teaching is done everywhere around the house!

    My favorite part is in the kitchen while preparing meals 🙂

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      • I was sick a lot! And I went with my mom a lot when my grandmother had to have tests or my sister had to have physical therapy. The great thing about being homeschooled is that the world really is your classroom. I just can’t imagine only learning in one space. To me learning was an on the go exercise. Yes, it is nice to sit down in a designated space for some things, but being in a classroom every day from 8-3 seems insane to me.

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  2. Completely agree. When my boys go to my mom’s house to garden, tend to the yard, paint the shed, or reorganize her belongings, per her request, I call those service projects. A real fine way to build up character, apply stewardship and minister through service. A win win and a chance for mom and her little girl to do something else.

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  3. When we first moved into our house, we did have a home school room. It doubled as my office, but that was great since that meant all of my supplies would also be in the room. It’s a big room with a nice big table and cubbies and chairs and things…and we hated it. We like to roam and flop and meander, so we found we were never in the room. We would still do science experiments at the kitchen table and language arts lessons on the couch, but we had to go downstairs to drag out all of our stuff. Needless to say, we abandoned that room. Now it’s my husband’s office. 🙂

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  4. I don’t know about unusual, but the funnest thing we ever did was last summer while we doing a dragonfly study. Our front yard abuts a meadow where we let the grass grow tall for hay, and by late July it is swarming with dragonflies. So every day we took our supplies out to the edge of the yard, spread a blanket, and watched their antics while reading, journaling, drawing, and doing worksheets about dragonflies. We’ve surely learned in more unusual places, but that week will always be a fond memory.

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  6. I want to add: be careful where you homeschool because you are creating memories, good AND bad! Earlier this year, my daughter would freak out and say she hated science every time we studied about the periodic table of elements. She finally told me it was because that’s what we were studying in the hospital waiting lounge the year before. My father nearly died with unexplained swelling on the brain (encephalitis and meningitis), and we had spent six weeks studying off and on at the hospital. (It wasn’t a place conducive to homeschooling, I can tell you!)

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  7. We have a similar set up. From indoors to outdoors, to exploration and even in doctor offices. Most of our learning takes place at the kitchen table. Back in Minnesota we had a school room when the kids were younger. It was great for keeping everything organized in one spot and the rest of the house stayed clean. Since moving we have changed things around a bit. We have tried the living room and other locations but we can’t seem to get comfortable when doing actual book work. We prefer the living room for our cozy documentary days. I struggle with keeping the table cleaned off and presentable. Our table takes a beating. Two years ago, my husband got me a new kitchen table. My dream table. It was identical to the one my grandparents had, and he had to pay a pretty penny for it. Sadly, within 24 hours the little one got a hold of a black permanent marker and left her artwork in her spot. I was a bit bummed when it happened, but I will cherish the memories we have “etched” into that table. It seems to pick up bits and pieces of various projects. I am still looking for a good system that fits us for keeping the school stuff together. The kitchen table is really the center of our home like it is for many families.

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  8. Oh yes, I hear ya! We use the kitchen table too…generally it ends up a very messy table by dinner. As for our most unique spot….the hay barn. Atop all the hay, way up there my daughter loves to find a cozy nook to read.

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  9. Most unusual place would probably be the trampoline a few years ago. My daughter jumped and flopped around while answering math problems. Now she’s a high schooler and does school work all over the house or while we are driving down the road.

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