10 Essential Cooking Tools

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There are things I wish I knew when I first got married, especially when it came to cooking. Who knew I needed to check to make sure the oven worked before cooking in it? How was I supposed to know we had differing ideas on what a rolling-pin was? (laughing) Over the years, I’ve definitely gotten more familiar with our kitchen.

As homeschoolers, it feels like we are in the kitchen all the time! Between our varying routines, six people to feed, visitors stopping in at the spur of the moment, and littles who are constantly hungry, you will generally always find something cooking on the stove.

As our family has grown and the years have passed, we’ve collected a variety of kitchen gadgets and tools. Some of these tools we never use, while others we use all the time. If I had to go back and do it all over again, there are ten essential cooking tools I would not want to do without:

10 Essential Cooking Tools

1. A Good Set of Cooking Pans
2. A Good Set of Baking Pans
3. A Food Processor
4. Several Sets of Mixing Bowls
5. A Sturdy Blender
6. A Good Set of Spatulas
7. A Good Set of Knives
8. A Whisk
9. Several Sets of Measuring Cups & Spoons
10. Patience!

Okay, so maybe #10 isn’t really a tool, per say, but it is essential when cooking. We need to have the patience to do things right, not rush recipes, and to accept our mistakes. Patience is a needed tool in all areas of life.

Why several sets of measuring cups and spoons? I’ve found it saves times and frustration in having several sets. This saves on having to wash between ingredients (especially when handling sticking substances like peanut butter or honey) and helps when you have several people cooking in your kitchen at the same time, as we often do.

While there are several other, smaller tools we use on occasion, the list above gets used on an almost daily basis. I wish I could say we started out married life with this helpful list, but over the years we’ve learned what we needed and added as we were able. I couldn’t imagine cooking without them!

Time to Chime In: Is there are a kitchen tool you can’t live without? Share your list!


15 thoughts on “10 Essential Cooking Tools

  1. Scissors. Can’t live with out them. We have a couple in the knife block and a few in the silverware drawer, just in case. We use them for the obvious- opening packages and the not so obvious- cutting pizza or “chopping” veggies like cauliflower.
    And spatulas.

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  2. Crockpot and bread machine top my list. Hand held mixer is very handy too. And – cutting board that you can sterilize easily! You are so right about multiple measuring tools. It saves so much time. As far as measuring spoons – I take them all off the rings, and put them in a cute flower pot. No hunting for them that way.

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    • Crockpots are lovely, aren’t they? We own a hand-held mixer, but I’ve never used it. Perhaps it’s time to dig it out and give it a whirl. As for those measuring spoons, being on a ring is really a pain; I agree, set them free! (lol)


  3. This list is spot on. I would definitely say a crockpot too. I can’t live without mine as I use it at least weekly. I would say, when getting a food processor, make sure you get one with a pastry blade. This is invaluable in my opinion. Plus, you feel like you “fit in” when watching cooking shows. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and proper tools really are essential. My mother gave me a very good set of cookware for my birthday about 15 years ago and it’s still going strong.

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  4. All those tools sound really helpful. I think my favorite thing to do is cook other then read, program, draw, etc… All your “In the Kitchen” stuff makes my sweet tooth want to bite something with sugar. Yummy! – A


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