March Parenting Weekends – Honey, Can We Hire Someone To Pick Up After Our Kids?

March Parenting WeekendsJoin us in sharing March Parenting Weekends! Come read, be encouraged, and share your thoughts relating to all things parent. Today’s topic: Honey, Can We Hire Someone to Pick Up After Our Kids?

Sometimes I just want to give up and pay someone to follow my kids around all day and pick up their stuff. But I don’t, I want my kids to be responsible and do it themselves. It takes practice and self-realization to be responsible. It’s my job as a parent to guide my children through life showing them and providing them opportunities that will challenge them to make good choices and do great things.

“The price of greatness is responsibility.” – Winston Churchill   It’s in the everyday things we do that teach us who we are.   We learn what motivates us, what we are good at, what we need to work on, and what we inspire to change.

“Character provides the foundation of spiritual and moral strength that rule our decisions, commitments, and faithfulness.” Sally Clarkson from Own Your Life pg. 163

Justin, my six year old son doesn’t like chores but, he does it anyway because we don’t let him move on to what he wants to do until he does.  He will find the least resistant way to accomplish a task. He is too busy creating adventures in his head. Not a bad thing. Quit admirable to be an inventor with great imagination. The problem Justin runs into is that he never knows where anything is… 

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Parenting can be a bit rough at times. With a little encouragement, we can all become better parents to the glory of God!

2 thoughts on “March Parenting Weekends – Honey, Can We Hire Someone To Pick Up After Our Kids?

  1. I fall short when it comes to chores for my kids. I do so well at making charts for my kids, but I lose ambition after a few days. I have to make it a goal to work on this.

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