Testing, Testing… 1, 2, 3 (Part II)

Testing_TestingA test is on the horizon! Now that your child is well prepared, what can they expect from the testing time itself?

Be Prepared to Be Silent; A Lot! – During the testing session, a lot of the students noted how even the smallest sounds could be heard. This added pressure on the kids to be extremely quiet, even when simply shifting papers. The slightest of noises could cause the room to stop what they were doing and find the culprit disturbing the peace. The kids had to learn to be extremely careful about the smallest things, taking others into consideration.

Bring a Quiet Calculator – Aren’t all calculators built the same? Um; no! It seems the ones with plastic keys are especially noisy, and the ones with paper feeds? Just… don’t! Next year, our students need to invest in a few rubber-keyed calculators to help keep the peace in that especially quiet room.

No Questions; Period! – Once the initial instructions for the test are given, no questions are to be asked. Part of the test is understanding what the question is asking, not just finding the correct answer. Some of our kids had to learn this the hard way.

Overall, I think most kids do pretty well. They always think they do poorly and are pleasantly surprised at how well they perform. I’m sure this test will be no different. I hope they take away a few life lessons from this experience and take a few more steps towards preparing themselves for future academic assessment.

🔔Time to Chime In: What lessons have you and your children learned from test taking?


2 thoughts on “Testing, Testing… 1, 2, 3 (Part II)

    • While our state doesn’t actually require testing, our PSP does! So… here we go! (lol) It’s really not that bad.

      What’s interesting is that our group has recently had discussions on whether or not we wish to keep this up. Only God knows what the future holds!


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