When The Kids Know More

When_The_Kids_Know_MoreIt’s happened. I knew it would come sometime in my children’s learning adventure, I just didn’t plan for it to happen quite this soon. We have finally reached that point in life when my kids know more than I do.

If I’ve done things well, I will begin to work myself ‘out of a job’. As a parent, especially a homeschooling parent, my goal is to raise a fully functioning adult; four of them, in fact. In raising independent learners, it was inevitable that at some point they might discover things I have yet to explore.

So, what are parents to do when their children start to exceed their knowledge? How do we continue teaching them when they absorb facts faster than a sponge absorbs liquid?

Practice Humility

Pride is hard to overcome. We’ve spent years educating our children and they have the nerve to start telling us we’re wrong? They want to explain how things are done, when events happened, and impart newfound knowledge to their parents.

Sure, we could get upset with them for correcting our poor grammar and interrupting our lessons with more details than we prepared. Or, we could make this a teachable moment. We need to be able to swallow our pride, accept that our children are eager to learn, and continue to teach.

Teach Humility

It’s wonderful to learn new things and impart that wisdom to others who might be interested. However, we also need to learn the right time and place to share. We need to learn how to share. While our children might have learned facts we haven’t, they still need to learn how to share with kindness, grace, gentleness, and humility.

Learning new things should not fill us with self-righteous pride and arrogance. If that is the case, you have increased your knowledge base, certainly, but have yet to increase in wisdom. Wisdom is by far the more important of the two.

Be Patient

When our children wish to share all the exciting new things they are learning, expressing their interest in the topic, they can often times exhaust our patience. We need to remember that our children are learning and loving the adventure. The surest way to kill their enthusiasm is to become frustrated with them, belittle them, or refuse to hear their thoughts.

Be open to hearing them and listen with attention to what they are trying to say. You never know, you might enjoy the lesson!

Show Some Respect

There is a fine line between sharing newfound information and disrespectfully tossing around facts to belittle parents or others in authority positions. Again, the purpose of increasing in knowledge is not to lord it over another and make them feel small.

When our children share with us, and others, they need to be mindful that respect remains intact. They should respect the life experience the adult has, respect the feelings of the adult being spoken to, and respect the role the Lord has given that person in their life. Yes; they might have knowledge to share, but that doesn’t give them an excuse to be rude to those around them.

Encourage Growth

It can be uncomfortable to admit our children know more about a certain topic than we do. But, to my way of thinking, this shows what a good job we have done as parents. Our children have been well-taught; they know how to find information for themselves, comprehend what they are reading, and are motivated to keep doing so. We ought to give ourselves a pat on the back and enjoy the fact that our children are learning, and we didn’t have to do a thing.

Encourage them to keep up the good work. Encourage them to keep sharing what they find with the family. Encourage their love of learning.

Continue Teaching

Our kids knowing a little more than we do in a particular area should not prevent us from continuing on with the remainder of their learning. If we feel out of our depth, it might be time to find other ways to assist them. However, this should not discourage us from trying our best and moving forward.

Things might need to change, but it doesn’t mean we need to give up. Keep pressing forward!

More or Just Different?

I’ve teased that my kids know more than I do, but, in truth, they don’t. They might have learned a few cool, new facts. They might remember dates better than I. What they’ve learned is not more, just different. Life experience and some Godly wisdom are on my side. (laughing)

If your children are avid learners, take heart; you’ve done a great job in your parenting. Do not be discouraged when your children spout facts you never knew, read more books than you can, program an app that makes your head swim, and/or cook better than you on any given day. Their increase is a direct reflection of the hard work and dedication you’ve put into their education. Be proud of what your children are accomplishing, and train them to use it wisely.

“Likewise, you who are younger, be subject to the elders. Clothe yourselves, all of you, with humility toward one another, for ‘God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.'” – I Peter 5:5

🔔Time to Chime In: If applicable, in what area has your child surpassed you in knowledge?


17 thoughts on “When The Kids Know More

  1. My child has passed me with history facts (It was always my worst subject).

    She is also getting to a point in math where I have forgotten a lot of the things she’s doing. When she struggles in math, I have to relearn the lesson with her in order to help her!

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  2. Sweet Lady you are becoming my virtual online Mentor. I hope to write a post like this with your perspective when my six and five year old are teens. Obviously you are doing a beautiful job!!! I’m overwhelmed with this home school thing. It really was encouraging today to read your post. I needed it really, really bad!!!

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  3. As a teacher myself I always tell my class that I don’t have all the answers and we’re in the classroom to learn from each other. I think parents can take the same approach. You’ve got some great tips here!

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  4. My mom has been in the position for many years! Just a few weeks ago, she was having a 3-way skype call with myself and my brother, who is a computer engineering student, and she was asking out advice about some computer programming-related stuff for her business. She has been having me proofread and edit her papers since I was in high school because she recognizes that that’s a talent of mine. I think it’s really powerful for parents to recognize areas where their kids’ knowledge might surpass their own–because everyone benefits! And no, I’m never ever going to be wiser than my mom, that’s for sure!

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  5. Such a great post! I am guilty of committing a few offences here. My kids are still toddlers but sometimes I just need to step back and hear them out. I love the biblical implication you imparted into this post! Thanks a bunches!

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