Can You Hear Me?

The following article was written for our monthly PSP newsletter. With permission from our principal, we are sharing this with you; praying you are blessed by the heart of his message. Enjoy!


School LogoI was recently in a conversation with a person regarding hearing the voice of God. This has been a subject of discussion for centuries. We have a few instances recorded in Scripture where God spoke audibly to people; Moses, at the burning bush, those around at Jesus’ baptism; and a few others. I have never personally heard a voice booming from the heavens. Most likely, I would die from cardiac arrest if I did.

During our conversation, the gentleman stated something that stood out to me. He said that he couldn’t tell when it was God speaking to him, or just circumstances or even his own wisdom that he was paying attention to. This started me thinking about my own life, and how it is that I have heard His voice (when I am absolutely sure it was Him speaking with me.)

We should be able to determine who it is that is speaking to us. Jesus tells us, in John 10:1-5, that His sheep know His voice and follow Him. Truly, there have been several times in my life when God spoke to me in such a way that I had no doubt it was Him. I think it is important to note that Jesus said His sheep do not recognize the voice of the stranger, and also that He calls His sheep by name.

As the conversation with this man progressed, a few things became apparent. One, that he was incredibly busy.To say that he had no personal time would be an understatement.

With several kids, being a single dad, and keeping them all involved in sports and after school activities, the poor man never stopped running.

Lamentably, th second thing that became obvious is that He rarely had quiet time with God. To his mind, how could he, with so much to do and limited hours available to do it in.

I am pretty sure, given that I myself have felt that way at times, that we have actually stumbled upon one of the tactics of our adversary. If he can keep us running at top speed most of the time, we will not take the time to stop, think, and above all, to listen for God’s reply. Should we think that we are immune to the devil’s schemes when Scripture records an instance for us with a tremendous man of God, and the lesson he was taught out in the wilderness?

In I Kings 19, we have an account of Elijah, one of God’s prophets, and his encounter with the voice of God. After a tremendous victory on Mt. Carmel, Elijah was sent running by a threat from Jezebel. He quite literally panicked and ran, afraid for his life. If we stop for a moment and think about it, he had just been used by God to wipe out 500 prophets and priests of the false god Baal; yet the next moment, he is running for his life from the threats of one woman. How often do we seemingly forget what God had done in our lives and panic over a looming threat? We can draw comfort from this passage, knowing that we are not alone in our fears, and that God met Elijah there, ministered to him, and then moved him on. Will He do any less for us?

Then we see the Lord revealing Himself to Elijah, speaking to him not in a roaring wind, or an earth shattering quake, nor even in a raging inferno, but finally, in a still small voice, emphasis mine. Surely God is capable of speaking to us however He might wish to do so, and occasionally, He does shake us up and get our attention in a very dramatic fashion.

All too often in our lives, the roar of the world, the rush of life itself, with the myriad jumble of things we must accomplish, and the heat and pressure of life’s trials and adversities can drown out the voice of God. It is precisely in those times when we feel that we can least afford to stop that we must.

Psalm 46:10 tells us to, “Be still, and know that I am God;” If I never stop running, talking, and carrying about in a tizzy, how will I ever hear His voice? It is only when we stop moving, turn off the devices, and focus, that we can hear Him clearly. Sadly, I am also guilty at times of praying non-stop about something, forgetting that conversation is a two-way street, and I actually need to stop talking and let God get a word in edge-wise.

All of this leads back to our initial passage in John 10. There is an intimacy that is required in this description. Jesus says that He calls His sheep… by name, individually, one on one. Fortunately God is able to have one on one conversations with us in tandem, or we would be waiting until the year 2617 for our appointment. My point is not that God’s calendar is so busy, it is rather that mine is, and if I want to be able to hear His voice, recognize it, and follow; then I MUST stop and spend quiet time with Him; otherwise, His voice is indistinguishable to my own ears from the roar of the crowd, not because He can’t make Himself heard, but because I haven’t spent the time with Him to recognize the sound of His voice.

Happy Hearing!


In all our daily, homeschooling busy-ness, are we taking the time to be still and hear the voice of God? Are we spending our time in one-on-one conversation with Him? This is a good reminder for all of us; make time everyday to spend it at the feet of Christ.

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