Do Not Grow Weary

Do_Not_Grow_WearyI’m not sure why people associate being a “good” person with having an easy life. Sure, you don’t suffer the consequences of as many poor choices, but life is far from easy. In fact, doing good can often be trying, difficult, and, if we allow it, disheartening.

It can be discouraging to work your fingers to the bone and yet see others succeed far beyond what you can imagine. It can be hard to watch others with more resources while you are barely making ends meet. How are we to deal with these feelings of jealousy, disappointment, sadness, and discouragement? With truth and thanksgiving…

Their Kids Are So Well Behaved

Trust me, no one’s kids are perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, misbehaves, and has trouble on occasion.
We should rejoice for that family, praising the Lord for what He is doing in that home. Then, thank the Lord for the kids we have. They might not be perfect, and we still have some work to do, but they are ours. We should pray the Lord would show us ways to encourage better behavior and give us grace while they are still learning.

Their Kids Are So Accomplished/Well Educated

Just like you would not want to be compared to others, we need to be careful about comparing our own children. Each child was created by God perfectly. Some children are quicker at learning; others delve in deeper, but take more time. Some have learning delays, but they are trying their hardest.
Our goal ought to be in having our child do their best, not as good as Johnny down the street. We need to thank the Lord for the ability to educate our child, or help them with their learning, and praise Him for their progress thus far. We should ask Him to show us if we could be doing better and how. If we are doing fine, we pray the Lord would remove the doubt seeping in so we can better focus on the task before us.

Their House Is So Nice/Organized

What works for one family, might not work for another. A lady might clean her house daily because her husband prefers it this way or because she doesn’t know how to function any other way. The lovely home you see might be the culmination of years of saving and hard work. Of course, quite simply, it could be a blessing. How sad it is when we look at the blessings bestowed on someone else and all we see is our own lack.
This is a great opportunity to praise the Lord for what He is doing in that family; that He use them for His glory. While our homes might not be our dream, at the moment, we thank Him for a roof over our head and full bellies. We ask for His continued provision and for wisdom to use our resources wisely.

They Have More Money Than We Do

Another tough one… We can try our hardest, but sometimes we struggle. Why is this? Unfortunately, I don’t have an easy answer for you. Financial struggles stem from a myriad of roots; some we’ve brought upon ourselves and others from life circumstances.

Again, thanksgiving is key. We need to thank the Lord for the ways He is currently providing for us and ask that He continue to do so. We praise Him for meeting our needs and hearing our cries for help. We also need to remember, in times of plenty, those who are still struggling and lend a helping hand.

They Always Have So Much Going On

Home improvements, soccer games, ballet recitals, vacations, dinners with friends, and more. We all know people who seem to be constantly on the move; always busy, with lives filled.
Praise the Lord for those times of quiet, where you can hear His voice and be filled! They’re great. If you’re looking to have more sociable activities, pray the Lord would open those doors.

Sometimes our hearts lead us astray, preventing us from seeing the truth of the situation before us. We see ourselves as trying to do the right thing, doing good, and yet we seem to be going nowhere; struggling in vain. It is in those times, especially, that we need to be asking the Lord to show us His truth.

When our hearts are focused on what God has already done in our lives, offering up thanksgiving for our blessings, we have no room to be ungrateful for what we don’t have. When our hearts are filled with His love, our strength is restored and we are able to continue doing the good we are called to.

May we all take a moment to simply offer our thanks to our Father for what He does in our lives daily. May we learn to look past the moment to see the eternal, and focus on things above.

“Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.” Galatians 6:9

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15 thoughts on “Do Not Grow Weary

  1. My kids are in high school and going to another teacher now who teaches home-schooled kids out of her home which has helped me tremendously! This is their last year, and I have been very thankful for her and her knowledge of History, English, and Latin! I stopped worrying about a clean house many years ago. We do clean it, but no nearly as often. As for money, wow, we are always running short, but God continues to provide for us which we praise him for all the time! I stopped looking at what other home schooling families had years ago, and praise God for all of the quiet we have had because we live too far from town for the kids to ever be involved in sports or music lessons anyway. My daughter has taught herself how to play the ukelele from the internet! She’s amazing (and her name is Grace!) My son is working on a novel. So praise God for what you have, and don’t look for what you don’t have….:)

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  2. I really appreciate your post this morning. A good read!!! You are right on too!!! It’s tempting to look at what we don’t have. We get bothered by thinking our life is not good enough. I think sometimes we feel that we are not good enough because we compare ourselves to others.
    I am really thankful that God gets my attention on a daily basis to remind me that I am His and He thinks that I am good enough!
    I’m thankful that my husband is an amazing man who gives and gives to our family. Her truly is God’s servant.
    I’m thankful that I live in America – There our some really tough places out there in our world.
    I’m thankful for my really energetic, outgoing, and argumentative children who love life to the fullest.
    Speaking of kids – I got to go – but writing down what we are thankful for is so important. I feel like I need to get a thankful writing journal.

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  3. Comparing ourselves with the what and how, of others, is hard to overcome. We homeschool five from various age groups. In Australia, Homeschoolers are a minority, so all a lot of us have to connect with are American Homeschoolers, their solid contributions to homeschooling and their amazing amount of resources. As a result, the level to which we can become discouraged is intensified as we sense that we are somehow failing by comparison. It is an all too easy trap to fall into.

    In addition, as far as community goes, it’s hindered by the misunderstanding of the purpose of homeschool by our culture. Add the word Christian as a prefix to Homeschoolers and we’re an instant target for overly complex dialogue with people, who would preach tolerance and inclusion, but, ironically, only on their terms. Although heavily funded by tax payers, Public schools (and some subsidised private schools) are considered ”free” here – so why bother? Which is understandable because there are perceptions that feed this. For example: a government employee told me recently that, economically speaking, ”once your child turns 6, you’re no longer considered to be a parent.”

    I’ve kinda gone on a bit here. I just think that there are many fronts from which we are hit with the temptation to compare ourselves. Of course, Jesus never said we’d have it easy. 🙂 The battlelines are simply highlighted by very limited options, with some restrictions, such as, annual inspections from the Government for what is considered to be ”our special circumstances.” This coincides with some blatant hostility from people, such as a traumatic situation that our two eldest girls were involved in when our Doctor, who is from India, of 12 years asked about where the kids went to school. He proceeded to accuse me of racism, telling me that because we are white we had no real reason to homeschool, our kids would fit in. His unprofessional only deteriorated, accusing me of indoctrinating them with ignorance because of our Christianity. I was taken aback an had to end the conversation on as reasonable grounds as I could.

    I’m pretty sure we aren’t alone in this, as I presume there are limitations to homeschooling imposed on people everywhere, despite the geopolitical location.

    Sorry for the essay response. I had no intention to hijack the comments on this thread.

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    • On the contrary, Rod; I think your comments are needed and very much appreciated!

      Thank you for sharing your experience with the rest of us and allowing us a glimpse into what homeschoolers from other areas are going through. I believe we too often take for granted the blessings we have made available to us; hearing what others are going through and the wisdom the Lord has given them to deal with each situation is a learning experience for all of us.

      I know, for me, your comments have touched my heart. My thoughts and prayers go out to those homeschooling under similar situations.

      As Christians, may we live graciously, but remain firm in our beliefs. May the Lord give us strength to continue to press forward, no matter the consequences.


  4. This post was right on. I was just reading today about how if one part of Christ’s body is rejoicing, we should all rejoice — and how if one part is suffering, we should all feel the pain. It’s amazing how easily the enemy can divide God’s people through comparison and jealousy. This is something God has been working with me about lately, and I’m striving to develop more of a godly outlook on my spiritual brothers and sisters.

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