May Parenting Weekends: Measuring Your Child’s Value

May ParentingJoin us in sharing May Parenting Weekends! Come read, be encouraged, and share your thoughts relating to all things parent. Today’s topic: Measuring Your Child’s Value

Early in our children’s elementary school experience I learned to dread the weekly folder. Very early. Probably around week two of kindergarten.

My son has always been … verbal.

Despite living without language for the first year of his life (he lived in a Russian orphanage) and then suffering recurrent ear infections, people complimented his vocabulary from the time he was just two years old.

He’s always had a lot to say. Measuring Your Child's Worth

I really wasn’t surprised when his kindergarten teacher noted in the dreaded weekly folder that he talked during lessons. What surprised me was my son’s explanation. I asked him if he was talking a lot during school and he quickly explained the problem: “That lady is always interrupting me!” 

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Parenting can be a bit rough at times. With a little encouragement, we can all become better parents to the glory of God!

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