Taking on the World

Taking_On_the_WorldSo often when I read anti-homeschooling posts or articles, my first inclination is to write back and share “my side” of the story. Were I to attempt to respond to every argument I come in contact with, I wonder how much time would be wasted taking on the world.

While some arguments are worth the having, others are simply pointless. It seems there ought to be guidelines one could follow, to know whether or not a debate is profitable. Talking with my hubby, he has given me a few suggestions I think might be beneficial to keep in mind.

Debate when you have the opportunity to make an impact. Do not argue simply to hear your own voice, but to change the way another might view the situation. While your words might not have an immediate effect, it might be the seed to bring about a future change. If there is no chance they will listen, keep still.

Debate when you have the opportunity to influence a third-party. While you might not sway the person whom you are debating, perhaps there is another listener who might benefit from the exchange.

There are times in which it is beneficial to state our case, perhaps enlightening another with information of which they were unaware. However, there are times in which it is best to simply remain silent.

While it might be fun “taking on the world”, it simply isn’t feasible. Not only do we lack the time to argue with everyone, but very often, it isn’t worth the effort.

Our time here is limited. We need to focus our attentions on the areas in which we can bring about a change and leave the nay-sayers to themselves.

When the Lord opens the doors of communication, we should walk through them with courage and willingness. However, when someone wishes to argue for the sake of arguing, it’s time to shake the dust from our feet and move along.

“But in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect, having a good conscience, so that, when you are slandered, those who revile your good behavior in Christ may be put to shame.”
I Peter 3:15-16

🔔Time to Chime In: How do you know when to debate and when to walk away?

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11 thoughts on “Taking on the World

  1. When mulling over a response to anything, in social media or in real life, I’ve learned to look at three things: the forum, other comments and my time. Increasingly my time is becoming more important than my need to answer spurious assertions in forums where responses are less than thoughtful. However, as you’ve noted, people do read comments, and a kind and clearly stated refutation may at least provide food for thought to a bystander.

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  2. I don’t debate at all. Most people just want their already formed opinions to be validated. Some people want to tell me all the possible reasons they could never homeschool. I usually smile and nod and escape the conversation as quickly as possible. If on the other hand someone comes to me with real questions then I will talk with them. As for social media I do not frequent blogs, websites or Facebook pages that are not homeschool friendly.

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  3. I love your list. I would add a couple of things that I’ve learned through the years. First don’t debate with trolls. I think you kind of said as much. It is a waist of time. But sometimes I will respond to the argument of the troll and will make it clear that I am speaking to other readers and not the troll, as in, “some say that homeschooling turns our children into social retards, but…”, or even “Bob (the troll) is giving us good examples of the “begging the question” fallacy…”.

    Also do not get emotionally involved. Some comments are intended to get a rise out of us. Feeding trolls only insures that they will come back. I think most don’t read what they say anyway.
    Don’t take it personally. There are always going to be pudding heads.

    And last, if I can’t respond in a short answer I tend not to respond at all. It takes a long time to build a skyscraper, but it takes only a few minutes to take it down. To give an answer for all the false notions and culturally indoctrinated assumptions can sometimes require a lot of typing. At some point I simply assume that, though I could dismantle an argument, to do so would be fruitless because it would require to many words that will probably not be read anyway.

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  4. I no longer try to voice my opinion with people I don’t think I have any chance of impacting. I’ve tried to respectfully voice my side in the past, and I’ve encountered some very mean and nasty individuals. I came to realize there was nothing I could say to influence how they felt. It was sad to me because I think homeschooling is a wonderful experience, and I wish others understood it more. A lot of people have assumptions about homeschooling that are generally not true. But…I’ve learned not to waste my time trying to “win them over.”

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  5. I am learning more and more to walk away. It used to be harder for me, it used to bother me more, I used to take it more personally. Now, I’ve come to a place where I know its really pointless debating and I walk away much easier. I find that as I get further along in homeschooling and find my own confidence and see my daughter flourishing it makes me feel more confident and less like I have anything to prove.

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