A Kids’ Eye View of Homeschooling

A_Kids_Eye_ViewWe often hear adults sharing their views on homeschooling. Most of us weigh in with our thoughts, opinions, and experiences. But, how often do our children get a voice? When are they allowed to share their thoughts on the whole homeschooling thing? Well… how about now?

My four kiddos: They’re silly, creative, adventurous, mostly obedient, and the sweetest bunch you’ll meet. When they aren’t talking your ears off, they’re usually sitting in a corner with their noses in a book or creating something which baffles this adult’s mind on the computer. Today, they’re sharing their thoughts on all things homeschool. (Take it with a grain of salt!)

What We Like About Homeschooling

  • We don’t have to go to ‘school’.
  • We don’t have to wake up early.
  • We don’t have to have vaccines.
  • No homework.
  • We can skip stuff.
  • No school uniform.
  • We don’t have to worry about getting in trouble with the teacher.
  • We don’t have eight hours of work.
  • We don’t have to wait for our classmates to catch up; we go as fast as we are able.
  • We work at our own pace.
  • We’re with our family.
  • We know everyone in class.
  • The teacher helps you more.
  • We can get up whenever we want need to.
  • Lots of field trips.

What We DON’T Like About Homeschooling

  • Um… (crickets)
  • You have to actually learn.
  • When you don’t want to do school, your parents tell you it builds character.
  • You still have to do chores.

What We’d Do Differently

  • Rewards for doing perfect work.
  • No school at all. (As if!!!)
  • Doing school work in a different order than I do now (of my own choosing).
  • More hands-on activities.
  • More field trips.
  • Learn more elective activities, which aren’t necessarily academic but are definitely useful (e.g. archery, horseback riding, swimming).

What We’d Tell Families Who Are Considering Homeschooling

  • We learn more than we would have in public school.
  • We have more flexibility.
  • We pick our own routines.
  • We have more field trips.
  • We spend more time focusing on the academic studies we are interested in.
  • We can school huddled under mounds of blankets.
  • We can homeschool with our dog.
  • We grow closer as a family.
  • We read books all day long (even between subjects).
  • We can catch up on subjects we’re behind in much faster.
  • Our parents know exactly what we’re learning.

While I don’t believe in giving kids everything they want (the multiple requests for more candy are definitely falling on deaf ears), I do believe in allowing our children to voice their opinions. Some of their suggestions were helpful; we could definitely be enjoying a few more field trips and hands-on activities are always fun. Others; well… let’s just say they will be shelved for now.

Either way, it was fun hearing what the kiddos thought about our adventures in homeschooling.

🔔Time to Chime In: Go ask your kiddos these same questions! We’d love to hear their thoughts.

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20 thoughts on “A Kids’ Eye View of Homeschooling

  1. I think it is a wonderful idea to have the children involved in the decision making. It is, afterall, THEIR education. We have not started yet (we will be beginning homeschool this summer) but I am definitely going to ask Catie some of these questions just to get her unique perspective!!

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  2. I love this! I’m pretty sure my kiddos would have VERY similar thoughts. Maybe even a few more now that they got the “privilege” (no sarcasm there!) of trying public for half a year.

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  3. Reblogged this on kenthinksaloud and commented:
    Just catching up with life after enjoying a lovely time celebrating my birthday. It is good to get rid of last year’s fiasco of a life and hoping this next year in my life will be MUCH better.

    Before I get around to writing my own post, I thought I’d share this for all those of you thinking about home schooling. Here’s the pros and cons in the voices of the kids themselves from one homeschool mom.



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  4. this is neat and I’m glad you are listening to the kids. they have some good ideas – still remembering that they are kids and the parents still have to make the decisions.
    i’m quite concerned however about the no vaccines comment. hope that is not accurate.
    best wishes
    doug puryearf

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    • It IS accurate; no apologies offered. We have purposefully chosen not to vaccinate after much research and tons of prayer.

      We understand this is not a decision everyone makes, but it is the best decision for our family.

      Thanks for asking though. No harm in clarifying.


  5. My daughter said she likes that she can do her school work at home and not go to a school to do it. She likes not getting up early. And she likes being able to get together with other homeschool kids to do fun stuff. (She’s 4 1/2.)

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  6. Justin loves science the most. He likes everything about it. He is a pretty happy six year old – because science is everywhere in our home, outside, and in every field trip. Justin also likes snuggles on the couch while we read. Our dogs join us. And Daddy works from home too. We have each other and we help each other. And Justin likes doing Math with Dad more then me. And when I’m not around – Justin says that Dad lets him watch shows in between school. And that only happened once or twice. He also likes doing school with friends when we can.

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