Wear Your Hard Hats!

Wear_Your_Hard_HatsFifteen years in the making, it is finally time for a few home improvements. As with most things in life, these home improvements didn’t ask if it was a convenient time to rip apart half of our house or rearrange rooms. The improvements came in God’s timing. What’s a homeschooling family to do when learning needs to take a necessary backseat to household maintenance and repair?

After many years of praying, waiting, saving, and planning, we are finally able to start making some improvements to our home. Amidst all the craziness, this mama has learned a few valuable lessons.

Be Grateful

This might not be the most convenient time to get things done, but they are getting done!! I am completely humbled, thankful, and excited the Lord is opening doors and allowing us to improve our home. It is definitely needed.

Be Prayerful

My first reaction to home improvements is always excitement. Then, doubt. (Should we be doing this right now? Is this the best way to spend our money?) Finally, resignation and determination. Through all the chaos, I need to be in constant prayer, allowing the Lord to lead our home in all areas. It might seem silly to ask God about paint colors, but why not?  God knows what’s best.
I also want to be praying about homeschooling amidst the mess. I ask for patience, time management, wisdom, and even more patience.

Be Prepared

In preparation, there are a few things to consider. Will we need to leave the house during construction? Will we be confined to certain rooms of the house? Will there be access to a restroom from the hallway? (An odd consideration, but true!) Where will the furniture be moved during the remodel?
Part of our upcoming project will entail re-flooring of our kitchen. This means I will not be able to cook using my ovens or stove for two days. How is my family going to eat? Where will we have our meals? What about snacks?
Finally, where are we going to homeschool? Will we homeschool? Will the noise bother the kids? How will I access our supplies, materials and books?

Know Your Limits

It never hurts to be prepared, but we also need to be realistic. I cannot possibly do everything, nor be in all places at once. It helps to recognize my limits and act accordingly. Remember, it’s okay to ask for help. It’s also okay to admit you can’t do something.

Be Open to Change

My first instinct is to always ‘stick with the plan’. I want to keep things in motion, no matter the obstacles standing in the way. In reality that isn’t always possible. I need to be open and willing to change our routine.
This project is only supposed to take a little over one week and will require little of our help. (Thank you, Lord!) But, I need to be open to the fact it might not happen that way. I have a general plan of where we can do our schooling, but this too might need to change. Of course, the Lord might tell me to put a hold on everything and just enjoy the process.
For projects which take longer, weeks or months even, putting a hold on learning is not always possible. Therefore, we also need to be willing to change our day-to-day routines; sometimes often, in order to accommodate projects.

Let the Kids Help

Home improvements are great learning opportunities. Give the kids an opportunity to feel as much a part of the project as possible. When they are invested, not only will they help (instead of grumble), they might also take better care of the newly finished rooms knowing how much work was put into the project.

The Greater Good

Again, I understand the desire to keep to a routine. We want to finish our year in the time planned and not miss any material. Try to think of the greater good. Is getting a week of schoolwork done more important than removing that moldy linoleum? Won’t putting in that new insolation help your family save on bills, thus giving you more money for field trips and school supplies?
Focus on the greater good and move in that direction. The children will learn the importance of prioritizing life, and that is a great life lesson.

Keep the Goal in Mind

Construction alone can be chaotic. Homeschooling through construction borders on madness. In order to remain sane, keep the goal in mind. Sure you’re crafting supplies might be spread all over the bedroom floor and the kids haven’t done an arithmetic worksheet in over four days. But, once the room is done, it will be better than ever. Life will be more organized, cleaner, nicer to look at, and more efficient. A little madness is worth the coming joy.

Homeschooling is always an adventure. Home improvement is always exciting. But, what’s a parent to do when you have both going at the same time? Take a deep breath, pray, plan, and roll with the punches. Then, share your pictures with us so we can ogle over them!

“Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.” Psalm 127:1

🔔Time to Chime In: Have you ever homeschooled through construction? Share your tips for living through the madness.

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12 thoughts on “Wear Your Hard Hats!

  1. I haven’t homeschooled through construction yet, but I have been attempting to keep the boys learning through this whole move and relocation. It hasn’t looked at all like our typical homeschooling ways but it’s been working.

    Turning our road trip into mini field trips when possible (free museum here, national landmark there, guided tour around the corner, etc) and I’ve been helping them stay engaged in general by having them help sound out words on signs and hotel pamphlets, help add up money being spent when we buy something, playing rhyming and spelling games in the car to pass time, etc. Once we got to my mom’s house we were able to put on some educational shows again too and I finally had the blessing of a working printer to use last night so the boys are eating up the worksheets today. lol

    It has definitely been chaotic, and I am more than ready for things to start getting back to normal, but with God (and the willingness to be flexible) all things truly are possible. 🙂

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  2. “Construction alone can be chaotic. Homeschooling through construction borders on madness.” Oh, I laughed at that! Love it!

    Last year we found a leak that led to a bathroom remodel, that led to a new roof etc. We had a few months of chaos. We were able to hire a friend to do the bulk of the work and he became quite a fixture passing back and forth through our homeschooling. We simply rolled with it, doing what we could and letting slide what we needed to wait on.

    Funny thing, though. Our friend, after observing us for weeks in our most intimate setting, talked his wife into trying homeschooling. He said he wants for his kids what we have: solid, fun relationships and kids who love Jesus and each other.

    I’d say that makes the inconvenience of it worth it, yes? Grace and peace to you through this time of exciting turmoil!

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