A Simplified Life: Chores

Simplified_LifeThe first ministry I have been given is to be a Keeper of my home. The Lord has shown me this must come first. If my home is not in order, I might want to reconsider participating in outside activities until they are.

To help me with this, and to better teach our children how to properly care for their own homes, a chore routine has been established:

Our routine is as follows:

Mondays: adult laundry and bathrooms (thorough cleaning)
Tuesdays: children’s laundry, floors, and dusting (blinds/furniture/ceiling fans)                                                     Wednesdays: linens and bathrooms (thorough cleaning)
Thursdays: kitchen cupboards/hallway walls (whichever needs it most), grocery shopping
Fridays: library and errands
Weekends: surface cleaning of any areas in need

Considering it is currently summer time, now is my opportunity to put this schedule to the
test. Is this working for me? Perhaps I need to change some days around to make things work better. I also want to start taking notice of when is the best time to do my chores. I don’t necessarily set a specific time, but setting up blocks of time gives me a general idea of where I might have “free time”.

Chores being designated and set in place, I now want to start having the kiddos get in on the game. Even my youngest helps out. Each of my kiddos is given a task and we all work until the job is done. Our kids need to learn the value of a job well done, working together, and being responsible. Mommy handles the washing of the laundry, but the kiddos help fold and put their own laundry away. Mommy cleans the basins, but the kiddos do the mirrors, floors, and counters in the bathrooms. We have the joy of working side by side and encouraging each other in doing a good job. They will often hear me saying, “Good job, little man! Keep it up honey, you are going to be a pro at keeping your home when you are a mommy, T!” The kids learn to enjoy their chores, have fun working together, and take pride in their work. To help keep track of everyone’s chores, we have created THIS fun chore chart.

Two things I should point out. One, while the kids are young, they are going to make mistakes. Try not to clean up their messes in front of them. Wait until they are out of sight and preoccupied, then straighten things up. This will prevent them from getting discouraged, but still keep your house to the level of clean you might like. The second is this, be prepared that the kids will complain from time to time. Let’s be honest; work is work! Don’t give in and do the chores yourself! You are only making your job harder in the long run and robbing them of the joy of responsibility.

With a routine set in place and a fun chore chart printed, we are taking yet another step towards simplifying life.

“For each will have to bear his own load.”
Galatians 6:5

🔔Time to Chime In: How do you keep track of your children’s chores? We’d love to hear about it!

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15 thoughts on “A Simplified Life: Chores

  1. My kids are 10,12,and,16 so they are older. We split the main living areas into zones. Ex. Zone 1 sweeps and swiffers kitchen wipes down desks dust mops hallway sweeps back porch and shakes out rugs. Each kid does a zone and bedroom each day then gets a different zone each week. This way the house stays clean. It takes about 45 minutes each day and they do it while I am making lunch. (They homeschool). Then we can head to activities after lunch.

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    • That sounds like a great plan! This is pretty much how things work in our house, too. Now that the kids are older, they are given their assignments which they carry out while I am making lunch or cleaning up something else.

      By cleaning a little every day, we get things done faster and everything is in a constant state of ‘clean’.

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  2. I write out a list of chores and assign each of them a minute value. The minutes are for screen time. They can only turn in 20 minutes for games and no more than an hour for tv/computer time. If the job isn’t done right the first time they get one chance to earn half the minutes. If they get it wrong (and the reason is their own fault not mine) then they owe me the minutes they could have earned. Screen time is a great motivator in my house. Sometimes they do not want to do chores or will be over zealous on earning minutes but it evens out over time.

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  3. We have daily chores then we have once a week chores. They are told what needs to be done and if it is not done correctly they have to go back and correct it(of course mine are older and they know how things are supposed to be). We adjust things adjust things as needed but that is generally how it works.

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  4. I like how simple your system sounds. I have tried many things, from a simple weekly list, to crazy-complicated file box systems. I still haven’t hit on what works with consistency. My kids are older though, so I can just say, “Hey, the bathroom is growing funky stuff…go clean it!” Maybe someday I’ll get more organized!

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  5. Catie has several chores that are her daily chores but we keep it at one a year for that. Right now she is 8 so:
    1. Keeping our face and hands washed before each meal
    2. Brushing teeth twice a day (mom helps with floss at night)
    3. Keeping the bedroom and “school” room floor picked up
    4. Making her bed
    5. Combing/brushing her hair
    6. Bathing each night before bed
    7. Feeding and watering her guinea pig (Khan)
    8. Scooping the cat pan.
    She turns 9 in a little over a month so another chore will be added to this!

    As far as general housecleaning I have incorporated that into family time. We have “family chore time” in between Scripture Study and Family Silent Reading Hour every night. I have a chart of what room/area we tackle for each 31 day period. During Family Chore Time we set the timer for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the task/area designated on that day, and we all attack that chore together.

    We also consider Dinner preparation/dinner/ and dinner clean up a family thing we all do it together.

    I have found that this brings the family together and noone feels like they are “unequally yoked” most of the time!!

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