I Can’t Homeschool: Conclusion

i_cant_homeschoolThey say all good things must come to an end. With the close of this month we put our current series, “I Can’t Homeschool“, to rest.

For those who have been following the series, thank you for stopping in and joining the fun. We appreciated hearing your feedback and learning from your life experiences. It has been wonderful sharing thoughts with you and getting to know you better.

For all those looking into homeschooling, may the Lord open your eyes to the incredible blessing of discipling your children. For those already homeschooling, may the Lord continue to guide and bless your homeschooling journeys.

If you, or someone you know, is in need of a little encouragement on how to get started with their homeschooling adventure, Homeschooling 101 and Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail might be just the place to start!

Join us next month as we share how we plan for our homeschooling year and share tips on how we get the most out of our learning adventures! May you learn from our mistakes.

🔔Time to Chime In: When it comes to homeschooling, in which area do you feel you most need help? Share your thoughts with us!

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12 thoughts on “I Can’t Homeschool: Conclusion

  1. Regaining confidence in my ability to homeschool after a bout of depression two years ago… finding the right math and reading programs for my autistic 8th grader… juggling another special needs child and toddler and infant as I start the journey again.

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  2. Trying to help my oldest re-learn how to read (he lost the ability after a bout of seizures a couple years back) and help both my boys stay connected and interested enough to work on the subjects they hate doing, but need to learn anyway. For my oldest, that’s spelling and math, for my youngest it’s spelling and writing. I am starting to collect learning games of all sorts because they have shown to help most overall, but haven’t found any yet that help with the spelling and writing. At a total loss on what else to try with the reading.

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    • May I humbly suggest you try “The Reading Lesson”. You can download the first printable lesson for free, and try the associated DVDRom. I love the program; it’s simple, straightforward, and does NOT rely on overwhelming graphics to grab children’s attention.

      We’ll keep our eyes peeled for learning games that help with these subjects!


  3. I understand your concern. Been there with my daughter as well. What helped her improved in reading is when we tried the ‘phonetics’ reading with her. She started slow and picked up speed eventually. Constructing long sentences is now a big challenge for her 🙂

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  4. I have been blessed with a very type A/OCD personality and only 1 of my 3 boys shares that wonderful trait 😀 I have to remind myself ALOT to stay at there pace and learning style not mine. Especially, if that means walking away from the normal routine for a day or two 😱 Homeschooling has of course been a huge blessing for our three boys but I can not begin to describe how God has used this journey to work in my own life. He has brought many things to light that I did not even realize I was struggling with.

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