Planning the Homeschool Year: Field Trip Fun, Part II

School-PlanningIt’s back to school season! While we don’t have to be on the curb at the crack of dawn or make sure our children have their lunch money, we do need to plan out our coming year of homeschooling. Let’s get started!


I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to spend countless hours planning awesome field trips only to arrive at our destination missing particular necessities, like shoes on my kids’ feet. (Yes, it’s actually happened.) To prevent myself from stressing, walking out the door without essentials, and/or having to stop and grab something last-minute, it helps to have a field trip checklist!

While our field trip checklist changes depending on each particular location’s needs, we always have a basic list upon which to build:

Field Trip Checklist

The Night Before…
Fill the gas tank
Withdraw cash from bank (if needed)
Enter address into GPS (if needed)
Freeze several water bottles
Pack Backpack with…
Field Trip Field Guides*
Tickets for the Event (if needed)
Scavenger Hunt List or Activity Sheets for Event
Hand Sanitizer
Light Sweater (I’m always cold.)
Peppermint Oil

Morning of…
Pack Snacks and/or Lunch Bag
Place frozen water bottles in backpack.
Place both backpack and lunch bag in-car.
Check to make sure kids have: sweaters and shoes
Have everyone take restroom breaks.
Double check locks on house.
Pray over our drive and field trip.
Have fun!

*Our Field Trip Field Guides are new this year, and something special I worked on over the summer. We’ll be sharing more on this later in the week!

You’ll note I didn’t place a camera on my checklist. Why? Because my camera and I are inseparable! If you don’t have said relationship with your camera, adding one to your field trip checklist is probably a good idea.


To read more about getting the most out of field trips, please click on the picture above.

One final thought. While I am packing for the field trip specifically, I also like to prepare for the drive itself. I tend to have water bottles handy, snacks at the ready, and encourage my kids to pack a few items to keep themselves occupied, such as books. For longer drives, my kids are advised to bring pillows as well. They might not need them on the drive to, but the drive home from a field trip is always more pleasant with a pillow. A great field trip ‘play list’ for the iPod might also be fun!

With proper planning and organization, field trips days can be tons of fun and easy on the nerves. Having a checklist means there is less for me to forget, and less worry on my mind. Plus, with a checklist, other people can help out! No more asking me what is needed or waiting for my instructions. We work together, get the job done, and enjoy our day.

Have I mentioned I love checklists?

🔔Time to Chime In: What the funniest/craziest thing you’ve ever taken on a field trip?

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13 thoughts on “Planning the Homeschool Year: Field Trip Fun, Part II

  1. Great checklist! Fieldtrips definitely require planning. When we lived in Peru, we had to schedule a taxi and keep the driver the whole time. Sometimes I would pay for his admission into the museum or zoo so he wouldn’t have to sit in the car and wait for us. As for my camera, I forget to charge my battery so I would add that to my night before list as well as making sure my memory card is actually in my camera!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow; I’m impressed! You are so thoughtful to pay for the taxi driver. You would definitely not get that kind of service here in the states.

      And, yet another reader who’s planning ahead! Charging batteries and grabbing that memory card (especially in this age of technology) is a must!

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  2. Great post, I definitely need to make a field trip list. We live in Scotland where it rains a lot, I nearly always forget to take my rain coat on any trip, too busy making sure the kids have theirs! Keeping my camera or phone charged is also something I’m terrible at remembering to do! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • You bring up a good point! I carry extra batteries in my purse for my camera, so I don’t have to worry about that one myself, but I definitely should add ‘charge iPod’ to the list; I’m constantly forgetting that one. OR, I could just keep a charger in my car – which I happen to own, by the way – but never seem to remember to put in the car. Sheesh!

      Great idea!

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  4. Another great reminder when planning a field trip.Your blog is really an inspiration to me. I’m getting a lot of inquiry from my local friends on how am I managing to home school my daughter and how to go about it. One phrase: ‘with tons of grace’!! Anyway, because of that, im planning to write a blog on a brief back ground on home schooling. and I would definitely wish to add your blog to the ‘links’ they should refer to in order to give them more ‘exploration’ about the idea. Can you recommend some other home schooling blogs/site that I can add up to my write up for them to refer to?

    And yes, since we are all into the technology stuff nowadays, bringing a ‘power bank’ on field trips or long drives is a sure traveling essential.

    More power!

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