Planning the Homeschool Year: Finding Sanity

School-PlanningIt’s back to school season! While we don’t have to be on the curb at the crack of dawn or make sure our children have their lunch money, we do need to plan out our coming year of homeschooling. Let’s get started!


Amidst all the homeschooling fun, a busy parent could use the occasional quite moment; an opportunity to breathe, relax, and be at peace. While we touched on this topic briefly during our ‘I Can’t Homeschool‘ series, we felt the need to once again encourage fellow homeschooling parents to include this important step in their homeschool routine.

With a little thought and a smidgen of planning, finding free time is not only obtainable, but completely within reach!

Pray About Your Time – May all things start in prayer. We need to ask the Lord to show us how our time ought to be structured and allow Him to show us ways in which we could be using our time more wisely, making space for much-needed down time.

Restructure Your Thinking – During our prayer and devotion time, we need to ask the Lord to help us focus on the greater good. We might like having several hours to ourselves each day, but the Lord knows best. We should ask the Lord to help us focus on what’s most important, removing any selfishness on our part.

Focus on Your Goals – While we all need moments of downtime, what are our overall goals? When we focus on the end goal, the day-to-day struggles become less important.

Find Practical Ways to Have ‘Me’ Time – 

  • Wake up a little earlier.
  • Stay up a little later.
  • Schedule in downtime. (Who days quiet time can’t be planned into each day?)
  • Teach the kids to play/work independently.
  • Schedule playdates with a friend. (One day we get free time, the next day they do. Each of us get a little time to yourselves, and our kids get to have fun.)

Still Too Busy? Consider Reorganizing Your Day – Hard as it might be, if we just can’t seem to find time to enjoy a quiet cup of tea, much less enjoy an hour of free time, it might be time to start looking at our weekly routine. Everyone’s life goes through busy seasons, but constant busyness might be a sign that we’re overdoing it. It all goes back to praying about how we use our time and allowing the Lord to lead our days.

Let’s face it, even machines need a break now and again. Being a homeschool parent does not mean we have to work from the minute we get up ’til the minute we go to bed. If having a little time to yourself is desired, start by praying about your concerns and then moving toward organizing your day with free time in mind.

May I leave you with this thought: We only have our children for a very short time, too short a time. Take a few moments each day to allow the Lord to fill you, refreshing your heart and spirit. But, remember, you’ll have plenty of free time when your kiddos are adults. You can always catch up on your reading then.

“My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him.”
Psalm 62:1

🔔Time to Chime In: How do you find time to relax amidst all of life’s challenges and learning fun?

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12 thoughts on “Planning the Homeschool Year: Finding Sanity

  1. These are important points to remember to keep from burning yourself and your kids out during school.

    Your post reminds me of a story I once heard comparing our work/play balance in life to a lumberjack chopping trees. Here’s a quote from one of my first blog posts that explains the story: “A lumberjack can furiously chop trees all day and get a lot done before he collapses in exhaustion. In the same amount of time, another lumberjack can chop more trees and be less tired at the end of the day simply by taking occasional breaks to sit down and sharpen his ax. …So what? The connection is that your mind and body work the same way; they both need breaks to rest and rejuvenate. “

    Liked by 3 people

      • Thanks, Rod!
        This past week, I got to literally experience the story I mentioned. My daughter and I cut down a tall tree in our yard that a storm had split in half. So, I’ve been thinking about the lumberjack story a lot lately. 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

      • I wonder how many of us have bought into the mentality that work equals being productive, and that you must always be productive.

        I, too, have swallowed this for years, afraid to sit down to spend a moment reading. If I’m not producing something, spending time with my kids, or investing into our future, I feel like I’m being useless and wasteful.

        It is one thing to be lazy, which I would discourage wholeheartedly, it’s another to completely overwork ourselves to the point of exhaustion.

        May we all learn to have balance through Christ’s direction.

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Definitely! I’m taxed at the end of the day after homeschooling with seven kids, an autistic toddler and a baby battling reflux. But I’m so grateful for what we do. I definitely need that morning me time and prayer time! Great post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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