Curriculum 101: Foreign Language

Curriculum101One of the biggest struggles homeschooling families battle is which curriculum is best for their children. We become overwhelmed by the amount of curriculum available, struggle to find the right fit for each of our children, proceed to doubt each choice made for at least the first several weeks, and continue to search for new ways of teaching well after we’ve already begun our year.

To this end, we thought we’d spend the month of September launching discussions on all things curriculum.


You’d think, after taking Spanish for three years in high school, I’d be fairly fluent in the language. Unfortunately, it didn’t take. I learned only enough to pass my classes and scoot out the door with college prep knocked off my to-do list. Ask me something now, anything, and I’m pretty sure my eyes would cross and my head would start to hurt.

Okay, that might be a slight over exaggeration. I do, in fact, understand a decent amount of Spanish. My problem is being comfortable enough to speak it. Conjugating those pesky verbs still gives me the shivers.

If there is one thing I did learn from all those years of lessons, it’s that I don’t want the same for my kids. I don’t want them to understand just a little Spanish, I want them to be fluent.

We’re taking steps to ensure our children master their language of choice, giving them plenty of opportunity for practice. But, we’d love to hear how you tackle the art of foreign language:

  • Are your children currently taking a foreign language course?
  • Are you teaching foreign language, using a curriculum, or sending your child to a tutor?
  • Which languages are your children learning?
  • Is the language your children learning one you already speak?
  • If they aren’t learning a language already spoken by someone in your family, how do you ensure your child becomes fully immersed in the language and culture of choice?
  • Are your children permitted to learn more than one language?
  • If so, are they permitted to learn them side-by-side, or must they learn consecutively?
  • At what age would you recommend children start learning a second language?
  • Do you have a favorite language program you’d recommend?
  • Do you enjoy learning languages? How many can you speak?

I love languages. I’ve always wished I could speak Italian. Perhaps it’s time Mommy went back to school and did a little learning along with my kiddos. It might behoove me to brush up on my Spanish skills, finally learning the fine art of conjugation. (They’re only verbs after all. Nothing to be scared of, right? Right!?)

🔔Now, it’s your turn!! Share your thoughts on the above questions and let us hear from you. We’d love your feedback and appreciate those links you’ve been sharing!

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17 thoughts on “Curriculum 101: Foreign Language

  1. As far as age, I’d say the earlier the better because that makes it easier for the kiddos.

    My daughter and I have been attempting to learn Spanish. For a couple of years now, we’ve used the 6th & 7th grade Spanish from a free homeschooling site ( ) along with random vocabulary lists and sheets I’ve made (I have sheets for Spanish emotions on my Pinterest, if you’d like to use it). I made some charts by picking up free used books from a college textbook store. Anyone near a college campus should check around town and see if their local textbook store has a shelf of freebies like ours does!

    This year and next year, we are using the Destinos videos (which can be watched online for free at ). They have 52 episodes/lessons that are formatted like a Spanish soap opera (no inappropriate scenes like a regular soap opera — it was designed as a Spanish class). We bought the 1992 textbook and 1997 workbooks to accompany the program. It’s designed to be a beginner course, but since we started using the books, it seems much more involved than that. I was originally going to give my daughter 1/2 a credit per year for it, since we are only doing half the book, but we are putting so much time into the book and workbook that she will definitely deserve a full credit per year. We’ve learned a lot already about those pesky verbs you mentioned! Lol

    I don’t know how anyone could learn two new languages at once. My old brain is just not up to that challenge! 🙂

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    • We know of many families who are enjoying all-in-one-homeschool; what a blessing! I didn’t realize they also had foreign language. That’s wonderful.

      I believe we’ve talked about Destinos in the past (you and I). It sounds fun. Thank you for including the link; I’d had trouble finding it previously. I can’t wait to share this with the kiddos and get their thoughts.

      As for learning two languages… One of my daughters really wants to learn French. Her main lessons are in Spanish, but I let her dabble in French on the side. Who knows, she might have a gift for languages and pick up both!

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      • I never can remember which homeschool links I’ve shared with you and which I haven’t. Hope I don’t get too redundant with you. Life is a little crazy for my family right now, and I barely know if I’m coming or going. I’ve been making a little time to blog, just for the stress relief! 🙂

        Anyway, I bet your daughter might do quite well with two languages at once.

        My daughter thinks Destinos is quite goofy, but we are definitely learning a lot. The 80’s and 90’s hair and clothing is pretty entertaining, if nothing else! Lol

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  2. We are using Visual Latin and love it. The kids really enjoy it. We are taking it slow. Once they get to high school they may choose any language to learn. I thought Latin would help with vocabulary and grammar instruction. Fourth grade seems to be the right time in our family to begin learning a foreign language.

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    • Be encouraged. We all had to start somewhere.

      I’ve gone back over some of my first posts, shaking my head. I’m not much of a writer, really. The images have changed, the quality of writing has changed, and the focus of my blog is more intense.

      Over time, the Lord will help you find your niche!


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