My Future Starts When I Wake

I’m always thinking about creating. My future starts when I wake up every morning… Every day I find something creative to do with my life.

~ Miles Davis

My_FutureThe life of a homeschooler is an adventure, isn’t it? Our daily routines can be a little chaotic. Add the fact that my husband also happens to be self-employed and you increase the fun.

While we might have the freedom to choose our routine, the fact remains that dedicated learning time must take place. In order to do this, one must actually emerge from under the covers and make a start to the day. However, this could be a real challenge.

Given that we don’t have a firm bedtime, do we stand firm on a wakeup time? Personally, I prefer waking up at a good hour (meaning early), getting responsibilities out-of-the-way and leaving afternoons for additional fun and learning in the field. Unfortunately, the kiddos don’t agree with me.

My kiddos would prefer to get up when they want to. As in noon. And, yeah, I just don’t see that happening. However, forcing them to wake at the crack of dawn when they might have gotten to bed a little late due to a homeschool outing doesn’t quite sit right either. What’s a mom to do?

I prefer having the kids in bed around ten o’clock. While that might seem a little late for some, it fits our routine quite well. Usually I have them up again, getting ready for the day around eight the next morning. This allows them ten hours of solid sleep, starting off the day well rested and ready for action.

I am the first to admit this does not always happen. Thus, waking up can be a bit… tricky.

🔔Time to Chime In: We’re curious. Do you have a dedicated wakeup time? How do you determine when is the best time to get the kids out of bed and how long to let them sleep?

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7 thoughts on “My Future Starts When I Wake

  1. What a struggle! I have the most beautiful plans for our day. The only catch is, they are in my mind and not a reality! I have kids that range in age from 14 to 4 months. Baby goes down when baby goes down. As for the rest, it’s usually anywhere between 8-10 pm. That means baths for littles (most but not all nights), showers for big boys, then bed for little four and then the big ones just need to be in their room pretending to be asleep. Ideally, I get up at 6 and do my morning thing, make breakfast and get them up no later than 8. But that doesn’t always happen… sigh. Same with the school schedule itself. It used to really bother me, and sometimes still does, when I feel time slipping away in the day. Now I have to learn to be patient with myself ♡

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  2. Because of Work, we have a dedicated timeframe. Weekends Bedtime 8.30-9pm (with room for reading time), Weekdays, 7.30pm (with room for reading time). Like you guys, depending on the circumstances these times will often vary. That Miles Davis quote = a.w.e.s.o.m.e!

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  3. We aim for 10pm as well. We can’t help being night-owls around here, but if we’re all in bed by 10pm then we at least seem to get a good night’s sleep. My daughter has a morning online class that makes her get up around 7:15am (her class starts at 7:30). She usually watches that class in her pajamas. I usually let her younger brother sleep ’til 8am. That’s become the norm at our house.

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  4. This is one area I don’t really struggle with other than with my teen boy…he’s …well…not a morning person regardless of what time he gets up. He goes to bed by ten….well….his LIGHTS are out by ten – but you know…. he’s a teen….it’s not like I’m going to go in and shine a light in his face to see that he’s sleeping. LOL. But with my youngest, he goes to bed between 7:30 and 8. This gives us plenty of time to do a nice bedtime routine of books and prayer and also allows me some time with the older kids, my husband , or some alone time followed by my own bedtime routine of quiet reading before my bedtime around ten. That’s pretty much the norm for us. It works.

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  5. When the kids were little, we had a bedtime routine but didn’t insist on exact bedtimes. At 7:30ish we’d bathe them, get them into pajamas, and then read a bedtime story (I could almost always be persuaded to read “one more chapter”). Daddy tucked the older ones into bed while I nursed the baby-at-the-moment to sleep. As the kids got older, we’d send them toward bed around 8-8:30. We all stay up later in the summer. Who wants to go to bed while the sun is still up? We also slid the bedtime timetable for a while around daylight savings time clock changes so that they kids bodies were still going to bed at the same time, even though the clock said differently; it worked better to ease into it instead of making an abrupt change.

    Years ago I read an interesting study about the body’s sleep needs, and we decided to let the kids sleep as long as they needed to.

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