Cardboard Warfare

Craft-Table_LogoThe brand new toy stripped from its box, one would think my child would be set to play for hours on end with their brand-new trinket. Instead, I was sitting there holding the device and my child was playing with the box.

Have you, too, noticed this trend? Oh, sure; they’re interested in the toy or game for a little while. But, in all reality, the large cardboard box the object arrived in has much more potential. Why did we waste money on the toy at all, when we could have simply purchased a large supply of cardboard for significantly less and gotten just as much fun out of it?

If you’re looking for something fun and adventurous to do with your stacks of cardboard boxes, look no further! Welcome to cardboard warfare…

(Please be advised: Due to the context of the film, some language and violence might be present.) 

Even if you have little girls, the cardboard possibilities are endless! Create your own arcade like Caine did; build a cardboard castle; or create a suit of armor. All you neCardboard_Warfareed is a stack of cardboard and packing tape. The rest is up to your imagination!

Don’t limit yourself to cardboard boxes, however. Find other items around the house you can reuse and repurpose, adding them to the fun. Hours of fun, with hardly any cost!

🔔Time to Chime In: Imagine you’ve been given a refrigerator-sized cardboard box. What are you going to create?

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2 thoughts on “Cardboard Warfare

  1. Depends who is the more persuasive camp 😉 Girls – probably a play kitchen or a couch, dollhouse, or outdoor fort. If my son decides it’s likely a canoe, tepee, hummer… but I think they’d likely compromise with a fort 😉 It’s what happens 😀

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