The Day FiOS Died

Gasp – “No, no, no, no! You don’t understand. I need this up and running. Like now!” “I’m sorry, ma’am. The soonest we can get out there is in two days time. We’ll be there bright and early. See you then.” 

And, thus, started the day FiOS died. 

FiOS_DiedBreathe. Just breathe. You can do this. Really you can. It’s only forty-eight hours. Nothing you can’t handle. After all, people have lived forever without internet and phones, right? You’re a big girl. You can do it, too. Does it matter that you’re on vacation? Nah. Will the kids fuss a little at not being able to use their new games? Probably. But, we’re resourceful and there’s plenty to keep us occupied. I’m sure the next few days will pass without us even noticing a change.

Let’s put together that Lego kit little man just bought. That should take up quite a bit of time and he’s chomping at the bit anyhow. The dragon alone looks like it should take almost half the day. (Two hours later…) Wow; okay that was pretty fast. Much faster than anticipated. But we’ve got to find a place to put it ‘cause, heaven knows, I’m not tearing this apart now it’s built and he will want to play with it for a few days anyhow. Let’s go clean up his room and make a space for it. (Twenty minutes later…) Okay, now what?

Little man is looking a little bothered. No computer games? No YouTube? He’d already read scads of books. His room is clean, thanks to mom. We’ve already eaten dinner. Now what? Movie. A movie is always a good idea. We’ll watch Jurassic World. Surely he can’t be bored with that already. Score one for mom!

Alas, he might not be bored, but my girls are starting to get antsy. Cards. The kids like playing card games. Spades! We’ll play spades. (Two hours later…) Ah, nothing like beating your two youngest girls at a game of cards to cheer you up! Okay, okay… I’m feeling a little badly about it. But, hey, all is fair in love and card games, right? At least, that’s the way I remember it.

Fine. I’ll ply them with hot cocoa and one last flick before bed. Rocky; not a bad choice for the end of the night. Who doesn’t enjoy an underdog story before bed? That’s right, Joe Frazier is in this movie. Isn’t he the guy who has a statue in Vegas? I think we took a picture of little man there. (You know, Joe standing in front of Joe?) I can’t remember; let me go look it up real quick. And… I can’t. That’s right. No internet. Pictures! I have photographic evidence.

Aw. Look at how little he was back then. Look at how little all of them were. It seems like forever since they were that tiny. Okay. It isn’t Joe Frazier. It’s Joe Louis. Who needs the internet?!

Finally. Bed time. Thank you, Jesus, for getting us through the day.

Ring, ring, ring – Why is the cell phone going off? Oh, right. No house phone. (No smart phone either, although perhaps this might be the time to gently hint at the need for one. I mean a smart phone would come in handy at times like this, wouldn’t it?) It seems my man has a meeting this morning. Wait! This morning? It’s Monday. And, I forgot to post an article on the blog. Great.

Fu-nny! It seems my husband thinks it might be a cute idea to post an article tomorrow about our lack of internet and phone for the last few days. Really? Who’d want to read tha–. Hmmmm… He’s quite brilliant at times, you know. I might not have internet, but I can type it out and have it ready to post the day after. Hmmm… It shouldn’t take too long either. After all, I’m handling things pretty well. I didn’t stress, didn’t fuss. I’ve hardly looked at my device more than twenty or thirty times. By the time I’m done, he’ll be back from his meeting. We can have a quick bite to eat and then head out for a night of fun. ‘Till then I’m sure I can find something to do around here. Laundry. I need to do laundry today. Plus, there’s always something to clean. There’s always something to clean.

It will be a productive day topped off with, ironically, a type-in at a local bookstore. Nothing like having a world of typewriters in your face to remind you that for centuries people survived without computers or internet. I like typing. It should be fun. Wait! I don’t suppose the bookstore will have internet, will it? PLEASE tell me they’ll have internet. Maybe I can sneak in five minutes to check email before my husband catches me and reminds me I’m a little too addicted to my device.

One can only hope…


While this article might have been written tongue-in-cheek, I wonder if our society hasn’t gotten a bit too attached to our devices. This week, our internet – and consequently our phones – were turned off for forty-eight hours. As a family, it was an eye opener to how much we truly rely on our devices. No longer could we simply Google an image, movie details, or even directions to a local event. This was a lesson for all of us.

While I am immensely grateful for technology readily made available for our use, often our devices become a distraction. A diversion from the tangible world around us. When not forced to spend time schooling our kids, cleaning our houses, or cooking meals we choose to wile away our time in front of a screen. May this not be so.

Let’s use technology as a tool sparingly, and live life with the people around us. May our time spent in front of our screens be for the purpose of edifying others and increasing in wisdom. And, may we see the possibilities around us with which no screen can compare.

🔔Time to Chime In: Your internet is down for forty-eight hours. Tell us how you’d use your time.

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9 thoughts on “The Day FiOS Died

  1. Of course this is funny when you think about it but this actually did happen recently to us because there was a break in the line. We were with out service almost 2 days. We managed but it was difficult for all of us. We probably could do without but we’d have to be weaned off it…lol

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  2. As a grad student, I would be racing back to work to finish work. Without graduate school, I would continue my life as normal by reading, doing work around the house, and even playing game with the family. If it is light enough outside, a normal out door activity goes on.
    I have had the internet go out multiple times and the above is what we did. Now when we lose power (several days at a time), it becomes more primitive. We lived with out camping cookware and the fireplace in our living room. It was fun for the time but not a preferred method of living.

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  3. I live in a very rural area and can sympathize with anyone with internet issues, I was on the phone for the past two days with our provider just trying to get my service to work properly ugh:/ I will say board games are a great past time, reading, we also have 6 dogs to keep us busy, so not a dull moment around here. lol… I use my down time like that to get other things done that I would normally put off till another day. However; those days I do wish I lived somewhere like SoCal!!! :)))

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