May I Take a Break Now?

May_I_Take_A_Break_Now?Who said you could sit down? Just look around you. I’m sure there is laundry you could be doing. Surely there are floors you haven’t mopped, messes which you could be cleaning, and activities you should be planning. If you must sit, I should see a planner in front of you, or, at the very least, a piece of curriculum you’re reviewing. Didn’t you know you aren’t allowed to take breaks?

I wonder what gave my brain the idea that sitting was unacceptable. Why must I always feel the need to ‘produce’ something, and constantly be on the go? It’s taken me quite some time to realize that relaxing can be just as valuable as working. In fact, sometimes, doing nothing is the best thing I could be doing.

When I am constantly on the go I run the risk of overworking myself; making myself of use to no one. It is when I sit in quiet contemplation I am better able hear the voice of the Lord, renewing my strength and increasing in wisdom. I return from a place of rest prepared to serve my family and continue in the ministry to which I have been called. 

The most difficult challenge is taking breaks when my husband is present and working hard. When everyone else is resting, I am less inclined to push myself as hard. But, if he is going to be working, shouldn’t I be working, too? Ironically, my husband often thinks I do too much and ought to relax more often. If left unchecked, my lack of rest can become a point of frustration. Why can’t I just sit and enjoy the movie and leave the dishes for later? If the kids are finished with school, why don’t I keep him company while he’s illustrating his latest project?

Speaking of my kids. What am I teaching them by constantly being on the go? They learn by watching me, and I don’t want them growing up with the mindset that constant activity is a necessity or that their value lies in what they are doing. In order to learn the benefit of rest, I need to set an example.

Please note: I am not advocating a breakdown of the home. If you have read our page for any length of time, you know I highly recommend maintaining a clean home, home-cooked meals, and an organized lifestyle. What I am advocating is balance. There is a time to clean, and a time to rest. There is a time to organize, and a time to relax. In order to better serve in these capacities, we need to make a point of taking daily breaks.

The next time you’re tempted to put off that moment of rest for the sake of ‘doing something productive’, remember that renewing the soul and mind is profitable. Stop, take that break; then return to life’s never-ending responsibilities, ready to rock!

I hereby give you permission to take a break. Rest well!

 “Return to your rest, my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.”

Psalm 116:7

🔔Time to Chime In: When you do manage time for breaks, how do you relax?

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12 thoughts on “May I Take a Break Now?

  1. I was coloring long before it became trendy, so when I take an intentional break, I pull out my books and colors. I have to remove technology from my choices when I take a break, otherwise I end up seeing posts about homeschooling or find things from Pinterest to work on, and I don’t end up feeling relaxed after all.

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  2. I always like the example of the lumberjack and his ax.  Here’s a quote from a tongue-in-cheek post I wrote on the subject of always being in a hurry:

    A lumberjack can furiously chop trees all day and get a lot done before he collapses in exhaustion.  In the same amount of time, another lumberjack can chop more trees and be less tired at the end of the day simply by taking occasional breaks to sit down and sharpen his axe. “

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  3. My friends used to laugh at me because I didn’t know the meaning of “relax” or “rest”. It got so crazy that for several months, I would schedule 15 minutes a day to sit on the couch and do nothing. Don’t get me wrong, my puppy was in love with this idea. He got an extra 15 minutes of lap time. It’s often overlooked, but we need to take breaks. It’s hard to convince ourselves of that sometimes.

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  4. I relax by taking a leisurely walk or finding a quiet corner and curling up with a novel. I have to remind myself that there will always be housework and projects to tackle and catching my breath is necessary to keep up my energy!

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  5. Great post! This is something I have been praying about for this upcoming year. I really burned myself out a few months ago because I never just stopped. To relax, I actually enjoy doing a hard workout. It’s been a great way to get out frustration and clear your mind. Strangely, I’m even more energized now. If not that, then sitting still doing absolutely nothing. (I’ve got a type A personality, so that’s a bit of a struggle 😉)

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