It’s 2016 Testing Season

Testing_TestingHere we go again! Another test is underway and our children are anxious. Not the day-to-day tests, mind you, but the big ones… standardized tests.

Our children’s biggest concern is never in taking the actual tests, but in letting us down. They are anxious about missing the mark. Wow! Interestingly, these ideas are completely of their own making. We, as their parents, have been very clear about this having no bearing on their grades, their advancement, or our relationship with them. This is simply a test to see how well I do as their teacher. This is more a testing of my own ability and our current resources, than of their skill.

To help ease the apprehension, we took a few important steps to make testing run more smoothly:

Testing, Testing…1, 2, 3 (Part I)
Testing, Testing…1, 2, 3 (Part II)
Testing, Testing… 1, 2, 3 (Part III)

Test taking is never a fun experience, unless you are testing out chocolate, but with a little care, it can certainly be less stressful.

Am I worried about the results? Not at all! Again, this isn’t a pass or fail; this isn’t about meeting someone else’s standards. This is about discovering areas which might need a little strengthening and perhaps adjusting our routine to better meet their growing needs.

📢Time to Chime In: Is it SAT season in your neck of the woods?

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7 thoughts on “It’s 2016 Testing Season

  1. My son would panic at taking an SAT , too many years in school with standarized testing being such a focus. He always did well, but the experience has left him quite a mess. Since he is planning to go to community college verse I am steering clear of the SAT for him. End of year testing is finally not a stressor as he’s seen how well he’s done for the past 5 years. 6 years in school and it took four to undo the damage… You have the right mindset and are a great guide for your children!

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  2. We only do the testing required by our state, so this year only the 3rd grader and 8th grader will be tested. Although I have told my kids that their scores have no bearing on anything and that we don’t even need to send the scores to the school district, the kids still get nervous. Last year our daughter sat and cried through most of the test. If we weren’t required to do testing, we wouldn’t do it at all.

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    • Aw; poor thing! I hope this year testing will be an easier process for her.

      I always debate whether I would do testing, if it were not required. While I see their day to-day tests, I have discovered areas needing assistance by doing the SAT’s.


  3. Our state does not require testing, but I do like to run a standardized test ever few years. It is nice to see where we may need to work harder. We are testing later this summer. My kids struggle with test anxiety. They feel like their brains shut off the minute they start. I feel for them, but I feel it is needed once in a while.

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