A Time to Pray

“To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.”
~ Martin Luther

A_Time_To_PrayMore and more, I feel the Lord is prompting me to spend time in prayer. Not only praying in general, but to make my prayer time specific and dedicated. Through His leading the Lord is showing me specific ways He wants to me pray.

I need to be praying for each child individually. I pray for my children; all the time. At times, I will even pray for a specific child. What I don’t normally do is pray for a specific child all day long. The Lord is prompting me to do just that. Become a prayer warrior for each child individually.

I need to be praying for them on a specific day. If I don’t establish a routine for myself, I easily will forget my goal. I need to pick a day and dedicate it to a specific child’s prayer needs. For example: Trinity is going to be Mondays, Noel will be Tuesdays, and so forth.

I need to be praying for specific things. Each of our children has specific needs the Lord is revealing. I want to be lifting these before the Lord. Here are some of the areas of my children’s lives about which the Lord is prompting me to pray:

  • Their walk with Him. (I never want to assume our children are saved or walking right with God.)
  • Their relationships with us
  • Their relationships with their siblings
  • Their current struggles
  • Their maturity
  • Their future
  • Their future spouses. (May the Lord would be working in that other person’s life. Directing them and protecting them.)

I need to be praying for my marriage. One of the best things we can ever do for our children is have a loving marriage which is Christ centered. Our children will learn more about life, love, and forgiveness from us, than from anywhere else. Praying for my marriage is essential.

I need to be praying for my husband. Praying for my husband is not the same as praying for my marriage. Praying for my marriage is important, but so is specifically praying for my man. He has his own struggles, dreams, and needs. Those too need to be lifted before the Lord.

I need to be praying for outside ministries. We serve in a lot of different areas. In order to best serve those ministries, it’s extremely important to be in constant communication with God. If I am not in prayer, I risk overburdening myself and disobedience to the Lord. I need to constantly remember He is the one leading those ministries. I am only there to help, which I cannot do if I am not listening to Him speak.

I need to find creative ways and times to pray. Through the experience of others, the Lord is also showing me creative ways to pray throughout my day. I tend to be very busy, so it helps if I can pray while I attend to the responsibilities He has put before me. Here are some ways the Lord has opened up time for prayer.

  • I pray while washing dishes. (Lord clean the heart of —–. Make them pure before you.)
  • I pray when I cook. (Lord feed —–‘s mind and spirit. May they would hunger for you.)
  • I pray when I clean. (Lord remove anything from —‘s life which doesn’t need to be there. Help them to be organized and have a clean heart.)
  • I pray while I fold laundry. (Socks: Lord keep their feet on your path. Shirt: Lord touch their hearts. Etc…)
See, this could go on forever. There are many ways we can find in which to be creative about our prayer times; we just need to look for the opportunities.

I have begun to notice as my children grow older and life seems to get more complex, I have a tendency to take on the struggles of life instead of leaving them where they belong; at the feet of Christ. My family belongs to the Lord. When I humble myself and give them over to God, I can have peace knowing He is in control. Will you join me in spending dedicated time in prayer for our families? Trust me, you won’t regret it.

📢 Chime In!: How has the Lord directed you to pray for your children?

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6 thoughts on “A Time to Pray

  1. Thank you for this! I have been trying to remind myself to pray while i cook and clean. In all my “dead” time. When i dont have to focus on a specific task, i can focus on praying. I loved the little prayers you gave for folding laundry. So creative!

    Liked by 1 person

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